when Or....Continued ....

when knight was Anti

was her body's golden

sun slipped to the winnow

of halloween masks and death

her perjury was my hand

was that the machine of grace?

her face the silk. I saw her in the library reincarnated

in the present as her younger bodied self,

when we almost loved __ but love now is

better than no love at all.


saith AntiOedipus, as he prunes the point Orpheus has junctured
with his thimbles and blouse like some hard-assed
Eurydice she bends around him as he leans into poetry books
her softened stare at him makes her a lover

now-ing the hands as she pulls them closer
her breast, bosom, bosom! He says! what bosom! how
can you say bosom when you mean blossom and you want to
put your mouth around it. She rows closer to him, spitting
off fires and cloves
to erase her dead self, crying the cling to his baron selved
need crossed the wave hiked to the corner a crowded
mouth of her , she sleeves __

what period is that that will make the stake? is that crescent
hangin' on your necklace a symbol of lust and love, old
allegories of pain?

She worries herself himself too so much, she grabs him
inside of herself the body sex wool and fairytale sheen soft.

AntiOedipus knows his place.
She holds the Antigone jar aloft.