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 resentment wont cure the world. its recent resurface surface resurgance in the name  . non its lovfe that shapes . that unform untimely . and the back of beauty's head. bare backed on the riding road Anti. She Antigone has her brother hand in her(e) woman-man hand. As she's his love, his his to to shoulders male as the boat beauty
of her              t                         o                     u                  c            h                          in                g.


Not a stupid 
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schizoanalysis and the round knight   ~ o the moralist always beleives he knows blaming her the other his estranged wife for the cheating hear


my blogs are in a crisis. Crisis. Crisscrossis Crisiscrosis Something about a snake caduceus. Open the windows five minute. How to end a enda S .Miss S and schizoanalysis Miss 
blogs are in a crisis. Crisis. Crisscrossis Crisiscrosis Something about a snake caduceus. Open the windows five minute. How to end a enda S .Miss S and schizoanalysis Miss 

schizoanalysis and the round knight   ~ o the moralist always beleives he knows blaming her the other his estranged wife for the cheating heart blue. Daycare services hair washed Botticelli botticello Yes, she was .

Not like the other one with a knife. yea the one murdering . not Villon. what's whats her name her name. yer nothing . a raconteur this  way. the artic. a lace dress and her 'fesses' adoration worshape worstshape worship. your herworship.that dont work. what is the t twisting over the H formed of vowel and consonant.  Before her winging eye and nose. that vaulted statue
______________________Dig her head profile. Genet in china.____________________________


this intimate


this intimate love you seek is yours wherever
 you  seek the 
                   go go 
                        go go and  glow  that dying

 (and the crystal of watches tenders the heat
         burning isolating the instant )

but the pain holding back knackers an hour but this wild
thing rustling at your tail preventing travel? is that it ? or the

privilege of Empire carriers  oh that imperial sigh as the workers
work of the universal police them that opportunities door knocks

on their doors giving the play-field to the mighty and will driven
intimating? the fear of failure not the rustic whine of truth or

tryst buried by soldiers and sin and no censer speaks this misgiven
shape to the soil the soldiers and dead who holds back this reunified god

speaking her tones of living and said by many alive then turned and
respringing from the ground the eternally unknown ground of love's gratitude.

So there a period pretending to stop full stop . stop stop stop Cops gloves hold-
up Halt white gloved hands HALT

imperial destiny made her you  a cop that you that's you what avenging
fury are you remembering your spiritual purpose not to get 'laid' get laid
get love's bucket storm seat giving on time the perpetual performance
of love's duty booty love's ditty Pity a pity Our Mother of perpetual Pity

not the cynics and the(ir) city .

but the horse rider cracking the whip.
the lion tamer  

who has been this she who's been she . does the empire serve itself
best through you training cops and cops. around the world 'whore' this
whore as you call her 'pepper spray' well, we don't say anything. bragging

about kicking no that was not bragging but it was rough talk. and what
about democracy and the right for everyone to travel. live in peace. harmony.
opportunity for all. you're not ceasing the machine by what the destiny of the 
Imperium living in your bones, and so the machine, or you, or it, or the body
without organs strikes back. it's not that he's alcoholic this or that, but that you
are too intense to be repeating yourself  . by saying it's his fault his fault his.
fault. Mona said it all yesterday. you have brought this miserable destiny on
your self. and the One-who-aches the Onealone is alone. through no fault of 
his Own . twas the empire' doing. 

Dont you know yer a servant of Capital and the State that's always 
existed. your search for compulsive loveleading to unco ver alcoholics & drug
addicts wherever you go and go where ever you however you go. and 
thinking you're doing good when  . it's not the simple gesture that changes
history? why are you not modeling your self after the Passionara. youve travelled
so much as an imperial representative of power. saying . these things
blithely . don't you know that perfume 's killing you. killing off your lovers,
instead of hauling them in . your guilt is the coin of capital's change machine.
the howdydowdy power of the pepper spraying one.  O . not that you do
any of this consciouslessly . but Unconsciously which makes it all the worse.
having been to that many countries does not mean a thing. it puts you out
with the mighty few privileged. so what ? are you better than the rest.
of them. the population because of it. your righteousness your
rightnessous  indignation's that of a fuzzz the cop who believes her cause is Right.
(Harry Bosch) (and Rachel the FBI babe and who was that Sherlock?)
 (Sherwood forest Robin Hood lived outside the lawsome of juridical)
  (and no its not that simple yet it is simple simple as adding machines)
   (and lives)
you can find no 'equal'  because there is none. all you can find are matches in
the haze of capitalisms.capital made you what you are: an enforcer so to 
separate to speak so to speak that separates you     ~ . AND Night and day
walk in your clime . others go cold while you and the others like you who've 
chosen and been chosen to deliver the goods of force the Empire requires.

let  these cigarettes be the bitterness of my love (r). you're not the hero-girl he
once knew . tucked behind the Screens. these are true loves.

but she would continue a dishalted barrier against free travellers back and immigrants.
 grant the  one in to out along the sideshirt of love's civil body

(And antioedipus sneaks past the border the atoms, the molecule of love's
body ringing the silent mutant the silent mutant bell)

no one heard that cry sigh to lover's beat or the sun along the boy cryed
for love's god haranguing its fate



how come

Seal this in an envelope

how come .  b.w.o. how come. come. become. how become b.w.o. c.s.o. Or.

over a sober line of numinous flight


everyone is looking and (not)                  finding 

                                         finder's fee
                                    a little lover so far away   ~
   and                            her body   tiny in the 
                pocket of        space's wrenched time       .

                               _________________---because everyone
supposes this is how it is     slav accents and bodies 


                      the accents dancing of a  pole
                                                                                                              or russian
                                                         down in the East somewhere where the damp 
                                                                                             cabbage smells smell

_______  none know this black beauty    perfect wood
                                                                                                        Do you hear the patapatapaa?



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Anti-Oedipus (Deleuze & Guattari)

Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia. 1972 (L'Anti-Oedipe). Trans. Robert Hurley, Mark Seem, Helen R. Lane. 13 ed. 2008. (U of Minnesota P, Minneapolis: 1983.)


Everything is flux. We are machines that desire. Every organ machine requires an energy machine. TBC...

Key quotes and ideas:
  1. It seems like a major direction of the text is to become a raw desiring machine ("machine" may be the wrong word), or to strip oneself of all qualities that restrict desire. One of the first elements that D&G drop is the organs of the body. (See sect. 2 "The body without organs")
    • Body without organs is unbridled potentiality--the virtual body
  2. Closes ch. 1 with an absolute denial of mother/father (Oedipal) representation for the child. As s/he interacts with parts (e.g., the mother's breast), the child does not make it a synecdoche for the mother herself. It does not represent the mother for the child.

SymBolic yet sacking workers... boycott.... mostly....walking AROUND /THE WA/lls of the world

Occupation is not a temporary question of when you are at work but a night and day and day and night affair.
the world is occupying and unOccupying the walls of WALL STREET
the WALLS around the WoRlD

a /factory in the west bank and the conflict of labour and capital seeping through the lines of nation and identity... who owns the land of capital who owns the energy of workers

Good will goes beyond the nation state of ethnic identity

  from democracy now (sidebar video on this blog)
the Occupy Wall Street protest enters its twentieth day, New York City’s most powerful unions are set to march today from City Hall to the movement’s encampment in the Financial District. The demonstration will be bolstered by the walkout of potentially thousands of students at major public universities in New York City where tuition rates are on the rise. Meanwhile, similar "occupation" movements are springing up in cities around the country.

and this from 

and Amira Hass on tour in  Canada    

    Ha'aretz journalist Amira Hass speaking in Tel Aviv, Dec. 2010.
    Amira Hass, the award-winning Ha'aretz newspaper columnist, brings the hardships and repressions experienced by Palestinians to her readership in Israel every week. As a resident and correspondent reporting from the West Bank, she is in a better position than most Israeli journalists to paint an accurate picture of life there. She has been on a Canada-wide speaking tour and will appear in Toronto tonight. For more information, click here.  

    Amira Hass is on tour behalf of :

    Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) is a non-profit and secular organization
    bringing together men and women of all backgrounds who strive to see justice and peace take root again in
    the Middle East. It seeks to empower decision-makers to view all sides with fairness and to promote the
    equitable and sustainable development of the region.

    Our Mission
    CJPME’s mission is to enable Canadians of all backgrounds to promote justice, development and peace in the Middle East, and here at home in Canada.

     Quoting the entire article by Paul Weinberg at RABBLE ca

    The discomfort or alienation that journalist Amira Hass experiences as an Israeli journalist towards her country and its treatment of indigenous Palestinian inhabitants comes out of her family's DNA. In an exclusive interview with rabble.ca, she describes how her background has informed her work.
    Both her parents, Holocaust survivors and Communists but not Zionists, moved to the new state of Israel as Jewish refugees in 1949. Initially, they were ignorant of the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in 1948 during the state's founding and the takeover of their homes by the Jewish Agency.
    But by the early '50s, when one of these seized residences were made available to them, Hass's parents understood the implications, saying no and expressing the sentiment: "We are refugees; we cannot take a house from another refugee."
    "So, it was very natural." Hass recalled. "This revulsion for the privileges and the repression [in Israel]."
    As a columnist for Ha'aretz and the only Israeli-Jewish reporter stationed in the occupied Palestinian territory in the West Bank, she has been doing this since 1993, originally living in Gaza. She has been on a cross Canada speaking tour since last week, sponsored by the Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East and KAIROS.
    An intense 55-year-old with hard-rimmed glasses, Hass has been unrelenting in her reporting of injustices, whether they are committed by the Israel Defense Forces, Jewish settlers in the occupied territories, the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, or the separate Hamas-led Palestinian government in Gaza.

    In doing this, she has upset all sides.

    She was once physically attacked in Hebron by Jewish settler women while questioning an Israeli police officer about the failure to stop their breaking of car windows on the street. "They took away my glasses and my pencil and notebook," she remembers.

    At the same time, the PA government under Yasser Arafat attempted twice to have Hass, based in Ramallah, kicked out of the PA administered territory because of her reporting.

    In both situations, members of Arafat's political party, Fatah, intervened "to unsign" the decrees to allow her to stay and continue her job.

    Nonetheless, today the PA is less than forthcoming when it comes to providing internal information on their administration in the sectors of the West Bank that it controls, she said.

    And while staying with friends in Gaza, her former home, in 2008 on a temporary pass, Hass was equally kept on a short leash by the Hamas government.

    "I was under a 24/7 surveillance with escorts. But they were not there for my protection."

    She was expelled in the end, which, she said, was too bad because had Hamas had allowed her to stay, she would have been there to witness firsthand the impact of the controversial Israeli assault on Gaza, Operation Cast Lead.

    Hass describes the bid at the United Nations for a state of Palestine based on the occupied territories of the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem alongside an Israel behind 1967 borders, as "very sane move," on the part of the Palestine Authority and its president, Mahmoud Abbas.

    The PA is seeking to regain lost credibility among the Palestinians; especially those living under the PA in the West Bank, and the U.S.-trained Palestinian security force working in co-operation with the Israeli Defense Force, she says.

    But in taking the word of U.S. president Barack Obama of a promised Palestinian state as part of a two-state solution in 2012, Abbas has run up against the reality of U.S. politics, where there seems to be an unwillingness or a reluctance to pressure Israel to stop its illegal building of Jewish-only settlements on the occupied Palestinian land.

    The PA president naively assumed that the Israelis would symbolically freeze settlement construction to facilitate a return to Israel-PA negotiations, said Hass. "Abbas took Obama on his word and miscalculated."

    Revelations from internal Israeli and PA government documentation in Al Jazeera and other news sources have indicated that Israel has been using the status quo of an interim agreement between Israel and the PA to permit the expansion of Jewish settlement construction and thereby impede any possible two-state solutions in Israel/Palestine.
    "There was a lot of criticism [among Palestinians] of the leniency of Abu Mazen and PA towards Israel trickery over the past 17 years," Hass said.
    Like her journalistic colleagues Uri Avnery and Gideon Levy on the anti-occupation side, Hass finds herself marginalized inside Israel where the nationalistic right-wing has held sway over the government and much of the Jewish population.
    "We are read much more outside than we are by Israelis. It is like a foreign language to Israelis," Hass said.
    Ironically, Hass, who relies on Palestinian sources for her stories in Ha'aretz, does have readers within Israeli military intelligence. "Yes, I am useful [to them]."
    She recounts a rare occurrence of an Israeli military commander who investigated one of her articles which reported a cover-up of the "cold-blooded killing" of five Palestinian civilians by Israeli soldiers in one village.

    "He started to check the behaviour of the soldiers and realized that I was right. That they were hiding things."

    Hass is convinced that despite the control exercised by the PA security force another uprising or intifada will occur among the Palestinians in the West Bank, possibly as a result of a settler pretext to spark further turmoil.
    "What is typical is that the Israeli military does not intervene and the settlers know they are secure, they are safe."
    Hass cites, for instance, an incident where 23 Israelis and Palestinians received injuries, including broken bones and bloody gashes, at the hands of settlers from Anatot, just outside Jerusalem, in the West Bank. The confrontation occurred after the Israeli activists were accompanying a Palestinian land owner, also an Israeli citizen, on a tree planting exercise.
    The journalist recounts in her foreword to her mother's published diary, Diary of Bergen-Belsen, 1944-1945, that Hanna Levy-Hass became almost mute in face of the Holocaust, the failings of Israel and the decline of socialism. "All my worlds were destroyed," her mother asserted.
    But Hass cannot stay quiet about what lies in her gut.
    She does not feel "connected" to the whole country of Israel, even though she is not likely to move to Europe or North America to retire.

    "To tell you the truth I cannot see myself living in a purely Jewish environment. I will not be able to move back to an Israel if I had to, and to live in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem....

    I told my Palestinian friends, who are Israeli citizens, okay if I am kicked out of Ramallah,

    I will go and live in a Palestinian neighborhood, in Israel itself."

    Paul Weinberg is a Toronto-based freelance writer.


    Otherwise Occupied / On obedience
    Future researchers will ask: Was the person who did not permit toilet paper to be brought into the Gaza Strip in a life-threatening situation?

    By Amira Hass



    ...._-------------------------||||||||||||||||||||\\\\\\\\\\-----------------No OEDIpuS Does not exist...

    the occasion for the drawing reproduced here also  happens to be a familial one: Gilles Deleuze, his wife  Fanny, and their children Julien, age ten, and emilie,  eight, meet around a table to inscribe a copy of AntiOedipus to Michel Foucault. Deleuze has written a few  words: “For Michel, admiration and affection, and for  shared causes, intolerably, where i will follow you.”  Fanny, who seems to be having fun, signs the page  “schizophrenically.” hard to tell whether Guattari was  there with them, or whether he added his illegible initials later—no matter how hard Deleuze tried to include  him, Guattari never quite fit into the story. the children  take a box of felt-tipped markers and draw pictures: an  exploding volcano sending terrified women and children  fleeing their homes in search of safety; a fisherman sitting tranquilly, having a drink, oblivious to the chaos just  beneath the surface, the danger overhead. in this inscription we see traces of a friendship.  or to be more precise: traces of fountain pens and felt  markers that attest to a friendship, which, sadly, was  nearing its end.

    Through from and away from to its infinite repeate around the blogoverse a VerSe


    production __ expression

    1. Expression vs Production At the end of the very first paragraph of the book D&G warn us against metaphors. "Something is produced: effects of a machine, and not of metaphors" (p. 2).

    Why are they so worried about metaphors, and why are metaphors the alternative to machinic production? I think these questions refer to a general problematic

    that is
                         elaborated throughout the second part of the book in terms of the alternative between production and expression.

    Schizoanalysis declares itself for production and against expression -- but what exactly is expression? In his book Spinoza and the Problem of Expression written a few

    years earlier, Deleuze posed the concept of expression as the key to his entire reading of Spinoza. It was an unconventional concept to choose because Spinoza never uses the terms and it had never played an important role in the long history of Spinoza interpretation. In that work Deleuze gave "expression" a very precise definition. Spinoza's being, he said, which is one and universal, is expressed through the attributes of thought and extension. What is important in this expression is that being and the world have the same essence, being is not something outside of or separate from the world. Deleuze highlights the fact here that there is an immanent notion of causality at work in this expression, in which the cause is immanent to (rather than separate from) its effect. To say then in this framework that being is expressed in the modalities of the world means that being causes or creates these modalities but not in any exterior way; being remains always within these modes, as immanent cause.

    Expression is thus used to mark a certain kind of production--specifically, a production in which the producer remains immanent to what is produced, in which producer and produced share a common essence. (It is interesting to note that in that book

    Deleuze used this notion of expression in opposition to and as a critique of semiology, in the sense that signs and sign systems are external to what they represent or signify.)

    Now in Anti-Oedipus D&G use the term "expression" very differently, in fact almost in the opposite sense. (I don't have any good explanation to this change of usage nor do I attach any great significance to it. In fact this later usage might be closer to our everyday usage of "expression." In any case I only want to clarify how the term is used.) I
    In Anti-Oedipus, expression is related to representation and signification, and thus it designates precisely what 

    is not immanent to the term or thing. 

    Expression poses a meaning outside of and detached from the real 

    process and hence blocks the process. As such expression is the primary enemy of production.

    This is what Oedipus and psychoanalysis do: substitute representation or expression for process or production. "... the reproduction of desire gives way to a simple representation, in the process as well as 

    theory of the cure. The productive unconscious makes way for an unconscious that knows only how to express itself--express itself in myth, in tragedy, in dream" (p. 54).

    the expressive unconscious is what destroys the productive unconscious: "The unconscious ceases to be what it is--a factory, a workshop--to become a theater, a scene and its staging" (p. 55). (And I should probably add, only to be obstinate, that factory, workshop, theater are not metaphors here but real forms or functions of the unconscious.) 

     Expression destroys production, or displaces it, or takes away its power. D&G's preference for production over expression is posed not even in ethical terms (production is good, expression is bad) but in properly ontological terms: the being of the unconscious is production; expression is an alienation or falsification of that essence -- "the unconscious ceases to be what it is ...." This is not just a question of the unconscious or the being of the unconscious. 

    for more of Michael Hardt's invaluable comments and remarks


    from Michael Hardt's notes on Antioedipus 2

    A good laugh ... a lousy reterritorialization Jesus as Antioedepus the arch cannibal

    Christianity and Psychoanalysis, Part 1: Jesus as the Anti-Oedipus

    Basic connections between Freudian psychoanalytic theory and Christian theology are explored. The focus in on the Oedipus complex, the origin of neurosis in Freudian theory; it is argued that the Oedipal motivation is a reasonably apt characterization of original sin. After a detailed comparison of the Freudian Oedipus with the Christian Jesus it is concluded that Jesus is the anti-Oedipus and thus he represents the logical answer to the neurotic consequences of the hypothesized universal Oedipal motivation. This rationale also provides an explanation of the irrational, unconscious motivation behind atheism, namely that atheism is Oedipal wish fulfillment||||||||||||||||||||||||
    it would take a  Christian
    to Pull off this kind of Reversal!
    ==========================   Guattari  and Deleuze are surely turning over in their graves! laughing crying weeping gnashing their teeth!
    theN Laughing their heads off



    a true and true and

    ___________________________               ____________________________      ______________________________________________________________________________________________   ________________________   _______________________    ____________   ____________  __________________________________________________________________________
    A true politics of psychiatry, or antipsychiatry, would consist

    therefore in the following praxis:                       (1) undoing all the reterritorializations

    that                           transform madness into mental illness; (2) liberating the schizoid

                                    movement of deterritorialization in all the flows, in such a way that this

    characteristic can no longer qualify a particular residue as a flow of

                                            madness, but affects just as well the flows of labor and desire, of
    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||A/0 321 (e

    PARTINGS 2__________AND___________partings__________________________3


    On your bicycle you are at home homing out inweaving weft outward spinning the sun toward 

                  the body's new found home that's home as the parts fly outward
                                  cutting their own strange to the desire


     Between this bicyle and that other parts come together finding their awareness not finding them/the voice
    clicks two/three four times
                               in the machines between each machine moment a becoming    ~ .


     every antioedipal machine creates itself its new space for make and unmake the truck stratas around it/crete the create crack around you for yourinbetween

    And here is 
    Nicola's very own 


    Zee crazie 
    Nicola Morton


    Imaginary Flying Machines as lope to loop


    Nicola Morton reads 'Anti-Oedipus' part 1_______________________________________________

                                                         A little machine to make you happy /unhappy 
    deterritorialize your pieces
    creating  a shamanistic space
    for your own creatings 

    Miss Lenz
    Madame Lens


    Performative Lecture with performance decoding of a bicycle within the late capitalist society machine, then recoding it.

    1) desire flows through a body of organs, which are machines. society can be defined by a flow of desire through machines. the flow is interrupted between machines either conjunctively ie associatively penis-sperm, disjuntively ie schizzing and taking 

    the flying bricks of signifying chains that build the great wall of china, working them loose and carrying them in every direction 

    (this is what capitalism does to a certain degree & see my performative actions) or conjunctive with residual ie a subject like capital is produced alongside synthesis (this is capitalism creating capital). Lacan "repare - procure seperare-seperate reperare - engender." there is also a body without organs (without desire) ie. residual

    2) the deterritotorialisation-reterritorialisation poles of capitalism - Capitalism tends toward a threshold of decoding that will destroy the socius in order to make it a body without organs and unleash the flows of desire on this body as a deterritorialized field ie. capitalism in former communist countries, Capitalism institutes or restores all sorts of residual and artificial, imaginary or symbolic territorialities, thereby attempting, as best it can, to recode, to rechannel persons who have been defined in terms of abstract quantitities. however it simultaneously tends towards limits as everything also returns or recurs: States, nations, families to reterritorialise.

    : _______________3) The schizophrenic tendency is the revolutionary tendency of capitalism'"

     It is precisely this statement which needs to be qualified and read in context:


    Capitalism and Schizophrenia is more fun than lying on a pyschoanalyst’s couch. This presentation explores the inspiring critical theory behind Nicola Morton’s performance from June 24 at JNM, “The Shamanic Death of Capitalism.”  Concepts discussed from Deleuze & Gauttari’s anti fascist manual Anti-Oedipus (1972) are – The Multiplicity of Flows in the Desiring Machines Circuit, Schizoanalysis and the Revolution and Schizophrenia as a New Aesthetic Model. Participants collaborate in hands-on activities to code, decode and recode whilst eating, shitting and vomitting some of the heaviest, most revolutionary thought from our time. Arm yourself with rhizomatic thinking and push capitalism to the limit!
    Nicola Morton is currently a resident at Performance Klub for Asialink’s Residency Program. She is a cross-disciplinary artist and works internationally in new media, performance art and activism. She has previously conducted creative workshops on artificial intelligence (2009), time travel (2010) and large hadron colliders (2011), and writes critically on Monumentality and Wagner (2010), Postmodern Feminist Noise Music (2004) plus for the magazine, “Mind Objects: A Phenomenological Inquiry” (2009).

    Source and Link Here