AntiOedipus: et

AntiOedipus: et

alors tu 'est ' feminine machine desire les
Dans ce connerie.    Mona's enemies are dozens. She laughs,it's farce. the old man of the nuts, 




je suis machine désirant 

mauvais? est ce que c'arrive comme ça ? un délire de fou
     et le mot fini par un demi souffle



now invent

now Invent the girl with the Silver head


why make a period when you've a mouth?



 O  Oedipus Episode you married your mother. it tooka poet to undo your . fate, dime, time eyes yanked?
gashed? gashed? galled? is t hat it bloody eyes?
do the deaths of dummies know this  tragic poet

the cowards know this.   know this  . they stay away.

 the fat cats  .  with their bouncy balls.

and did Oedipus 'have' an orgasm?
Did Jesus  (in his seconde and third person)
was he pale as a  ghost coming in the immaculate
hangin' for his mother, esther of the death wish
wanting to fuck her death


those outside the war 'zone' know nothing

the roulette wheelers of whores and fashion know better

they know my cause  

Jesus calls Mary
I am coming.
I am coming



What Mar(r)y did he call

and who was punished for the 'necessarily forced hand  of the 

but the son

______________s o the others make repentance calling down
their god as calling their mother

s o the others are children before     their wives mothers
wife mothers and a man shall leave his mother cleaving to
his wife

cleavage Jesus cleavage give

so of course the rightful poet's punished far from his place
. exiled. punished. indebtured to the mouth piece .

. and the fat cats go. hither and thither. with their billy
boots . and sticks. the false pedlars of ovarian goods.

and you cry Mother

Mother Mother 



____What do you See? these and those and .... .

                (ilove her )

For it is hopeless to think in terms of security, as Miller states inSexus; "there is none. The man who looks for security, even in the mind, is like a man who would chop off his limbs in order to have artificial ones which will give him no pain or trouble". No pain, no trouble- this is the neurotic's dream of a tranquilized and conflict-free existence.

How could the masses be made to desire their own repression?


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