kerouac et


Kerouac and Miller now ther e was god becoming ... imperceptible chiming


yet is ring is loud clanging! loud a s a train banging roun the rails!

thats the way we got it!

Mister Man dig it!

____________________ round the tunnel blarin' ~


round the 'tunnele' of their becoming


" the .... improved.... ..."

__________________________________ ______________________

" the New , Improved (and outproved[see-endnote 1], outter approved disapproved ) Version of AntiOediPus coming soon... '

A translation that defies the limits of Reason! a ghost gothic horror masterpiece! A chilling revelation of the
of the (yes yes, repeat please) previous edition's substandard stranded limits! to hell with group translations! "

A former student of the famous frenchies declaims a loud apocalypse in the up and coming edition.

A fir tree frightnening paradox of renewal!

________________________________ An interview that disclosed the paradox of eating shitting fucking and


For instance, one googled scholar impervious to claims of authenticity in the first edition bravely points out 500 errors in the conventional English edition. None of the french connotations carry over , he points out, in his in depth study, Deleuze and Guattari's Antioedipus and the Silly Circle of Language (Maximum Editions, Publisher's Press, Scotland, 1962)[! _________what ?. is this a reterritorialization before even the conception of the text? its inceptive connotative existence de jure?]

Another scholar, who actually met the famous French fried duet perforce remarks that as neither Gilles Deleuze or Felix Guattari could utter a word of English, ......~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! since that was the substanding subjunctive of their level of Grade B, and A levels are not even a question. What pluperfect sense would there be in a edition that did not demonstrate for the lay and the learned reader alike e the limit of the folded hanky panky that composes the deterritorialized rush of the Machines of Subje tiviity and passive conjuctive use in the voice of the translator. Their unheimlichmust be cannily tuned to that of the original spirit. Wait, he meant sport! the __ hold yer horses, yer hors d' texte SVplait. S'il vous Plate (AU)
dela you punking pink fellow. Well he went on her folding friendliness to Guattari one had to wonder what the old fraternal deconstucter had to say as the passive coincidental voice is oft read
as the sentimental passiveness of the feminine in the echo and trace tache if the reader is deferred to her present jim-jam: Its called Missing the Fucking Bus Forever.

Licking the postage she know that Freudian slippage is notted by kerchiefs of powder. At the cafe _ famous tim horton while disgusting atheism a lady and her hijab lick Highscream. Her bubbly hubby are awash in immigrant stew of religious verification comforted by capitalist canning. What other reterritorialized pleasure must be had by oinking couplets in public? The visible and risible are the obvious ferritory of fapitaliism. remember the lady was a widow and had loads of money. God was an old money bag! A huckster screamed Marx from the WINDOW.

I was whisk. She took out chapitre to you. Clifford from the fine felixed catatonic cat. the one with glass in her eye. the microtube of split denial and the river. And the translation has many wedding.

end note

1.this endnote say goodbye too is not two well its to. and to is outterproved as contrasted to stratafried assemplates that crumble on their own two feet. So it's outproved . its distance. well perhaps its use. one can say that, too.
2. other endnotes've discarded their recording consumption.

Rumour has it many other editions are following. Underlined private copies to maximize disaster. the statemachine does whatit does molecule do what they private.


the most anti antioedipal 'thinker'

________________________ the silliest. and wasted of time. to cosmic consider.
the worst and most anti antioedipal 'thinker' in the world is a canadian by the name of charles taylor. one can be almost certain he works for the vatican _| well not literally, but if

------------- Mister Zizek makes errors! yes, and big ones, but he is not at least before his time! he looked to me once as if stucked in a hegelian stratification yes, yes yes, but shit at least the strata can move and molecules pour over it and release flood change. but not so these catholic police.... but you cant make the rock of godma that constitutethe death knell of cathode catholic shitetera.

there were conspiracies, he'd certainly be a part of it _ what one might call an Epistemological wrongheaded one __ The rc church's its long standing inquisition... known these day as the educationAl ARM of the Holey SEEeee_ and its ponderous! pontiff!~. all rather blathering bloo-ooh gooh

__________________________________ One day Antioedipus arrested the march forward of papist idealogues. their dusty theoghosts were goned to doom. at leas t paul tilich had an imagination IMAGE _ natiion_____________ a waffler on some items but.
a line of creation and fury somewhere. those lutherans maniacs. guilty. powere driven. along with calvin the killer.
______________________________________ ration nation. cut open escape tap. pour forrth jerk. bust off drain pipe. open yer molecule. church has no bwo but is massive paranoid godma machine.

just the name a sort of romanizationof english

'the holy see' the great monster of the SigNiFier SignI

dig it.

O you popes and dopes where is yer signifying paranoia butteverywhere among those so calle d defenders of your ideas. charles taylor. and others. lonergan. dechardin.________>

and the vatican 's
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> website ___
what did Nietzsche call the last Pope?
A sick old man, a chandala creeping along its death rattle!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>is a sickranging 'mandala' of closing in._________>
what dance of knives enclose their head thought. brain goo. porched on the metal
stairway of death. and its habits.

'thinkers' like this taylor would fail any decent philo course.! Why? go see the book about the self (Sources of the Self) and see if there are any references that make sense _ those that refer to Deleuze, Derrida, Foucault, and Nietzsche, ___
hes always worried about N's death of god business. my my what foolish men~ as if men and women stopped believing in god,because Zarathustra announced a death. People believed in gods dead or otherwise . It has nothing to do with anything .

the self that posed no trouble to secular love/ was ended. god split took a walk. she was marrie d to other deity. marriage as schizophrenia. paranoia god is over. bye dead beat. cross road. caliber. of conspiracy. old gods and vatican plough their death crap round planet. kill the body open electric road.

bye bye pope. people need elsewhere. new movement of twinkly toes. gods downward.

________________________ Jesus came to us last night
he drip dropped in as a rain passing
__________________________ my Bibble is AntiOedipUS
____________________________ and I am a student at the New Vincennes!

________________________Out with the holy host! off with the gamey butlers of gawd!
I am not into that. i am all the gods of history. ihave been many beverages and vegetable.

bye bye fat god of shitface . surplice chasuble cute roman gaitor. end of fat angel in Roman Latin. crushing the .

end the taylor machine.

I think a guy like this does not even know how to read Foucault, and he does or has never written about Deleuze and or Guattari and how could he? he would not even be able to understand them.

and more recently a terribly wrong book about Secularity _ this is what shamefaced liberals always do rush in to fill the breech they've imagined has been broken. G. Steiner was another such a one _____or lately hes put another 'massive' and wandering tome... all rather cute semi 18th century thinking. you'd think the enlightenment had never happened with people of this sort.

as for Marx and Spinoza, and Hegel, he can't even get the first of the opus of Hegel without stepping in mud. ____________________ Marx cant ever be understood by tailors and their cutup pants and scisorry suits~ _________________
picture yourself covered in Hegel's shit and you cant see! O them germans. well,, old hegel was a darn slam dammer and he was pumped full of hot air all over, yet that dont let the tailors of the world of second and third rate thoughtbecome ___________ his equal.
(a secret to share: there is wisdom in hegelhegel if you approach him with a magnifyingglass!)
(heidegger goes better with tiny tiny tiny lens -ie.microscope)

at least you can swipe ideas from what the hegel but these other baboons? whats to steal except th Ee sentimental slurp of aborted theocosmetic yogma babbling about its pretended desire to be moral and ethical.! shame on them!

does that mean all christians stink? ___________________ No . but all dogmas reek.
to height shite and worse.

the ball of fecal fat. rottens their gut.

fouls the world.

There was another catholic so called thinker, name of Bernard Lonergan. i dont kknow his work as well, but it seems he was 20th century aristotelian. well, at leas t that carries some weight, as a PossIbIlity if not a fact. ( idont know taylor's either! its unknowable and disgustingly putrid. my nose ! hold my nose! please SVPlait~)

_________________________________SoAntiOeDipus aint
fooled no stipended stupid by the dumbers of thought.
the first graders on their way out of school.
the creep s of late and dead scholasticism.
and alcoholisms.

O Milton the great english poet
and Blake
made their own religion
and old Kierkegaard fired his own flippant foreign way
his infinite leap
of absurdly believing belief

but these numbskulls
with their supernatural canniabalism

holyghost motherfather mother
of fathergod

the biggest snorers
in history
and that other wrack
dying deities
and pissed off puddlers

of error
and human judgement and misery

(old desert god yahweh
the judger of judges
and grudges
the king of resentment)


Atheism is the Joy of Philosophy
and the

Beauty of Life


All this to say, by the way, he wouldnt know a Guattari if he came up and
Bopped him one ~ Poor man! worse off than old bloody baudrillard! who
once was a pataphysican!
____________________ but a catholic thinker is the worst of the m
the bottom of the heap barrel of drained out history.

a burial ground for dead thought
a wretched career in aquainian dogmatic detailing.
a trawler beaming alongthe dead sea scrolls of thought.

___________________________________ Memoir of a thoughtful glimpse intothe disgust that does no t merit thought.

_______________ Sister Maria Buttocks reports from her Roman Captivitiy.

A double pincer to unvow her cowed. becoming. a spreading leg to unfellow the fellows.
a collegiate rip off to pull the vatican glade apart.

O catholics get a viaticum!

_______________________ Antioedipus was never a nun a friar or a monk!

Thank God for SPiNoza

Thank god for not existiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg


mistre face it up

Here is an image jILL fooled around with . stay with simple thing add take off ~.

The face _ it's always elusive _ even when col_lasped with love . (colle glued with love ~ some get crazy glued ~ )

____________________ take the preface for instance
is the preface the one you meet when introduced to someone
does horror at the sight of the other repel or lure one into inside a body without platitude, or say glasses?

ioftenwonderewhyyersotouchyabout thatconcentoftheschizoidyoubeingsoliteralheartedwhilehopingforsomethingbigger

you thought you had face?
is this perforce yer face to
redo yer face there is nothing holdin'it
id is not the name of the super-ego nor the superior ego or the egology of legion. itds many workings rou nd the culvert of your body. is t hat veryrevery a station lens holding night when verb come active not passive
acting round t he end of any sentence then yer nerve is right.

GrandDada Lady Hoch had it right


the guattari complex: be yer .... _______ catcher machine

We're about to move from oedipus clothespins complex to
simple schizophreniagoogagoogle.
Is that gmail ma?
Is that yer google scholar, yer google analytic?
I syer oedipal stat
a scholar google gogol book read?
How shall we relent?__________________________

Oedipus holdsher pie lucid to her fare sky. Azure to her ton. Cerulean to her blue oooh ooh.

the guattari complex: be yer .... _______ catcher machine


the partial organs amd partially parted ~

The mythologies sing of
organs-partial objects and their relations with a full body that repels or attracts
them: vaginas riveted on the woman's body, an immense penis shared by the
men, an independent anus that assigns itself a body without anus. A Gourma
story begins: "When the mouth was dead, the other parts of the body were
consulted to see which of them would take charge of the burial. . . ." The unities
in question are never found in persons, but rather in series which determine the
connections, disjunctions, and conjunctions of organs. That is why fantasies are
group fantasies.

Mona parted her vagina in riveted a woman's body! ~ shall this be penis and vagina the gourma goo of mouth living and dead?

No anality—although, or

rather because, there is a collectively invested anus.

O my god!
hide that Ass
Oedipus class
get yer doggies out
get them catty cats

On with the glove
and toilet paper for all ~

Are we to believe that a universal Oedipus haunts all______ Haunting Haunting Oedipus!
societies, but exactly as capitalism haunts them, that is to say, as the__ 6Million yr. Ghost~
nightmare and the anxious foreboding of what might result from the_

O Chill Of Premonitories!

decoding of flows and the collective disinvestment of organs, the_decode decode as ghost to wish and cribbage to cabbage ~

becoming-abstract of the flows of desire, and the becoming-private of
the organs?_________________ O yer privat and become privy is the Organ of Detoxification , lactation my love ~
_________________________O my sore and private organ tucked behind that barbarian despotic zipper.

Mind yer mouth boy!
Watch that tongue ~

first of all

First of all, universal history is the history of contingencies, and not
the history of necessity. Ruptures and limits, and not continuity. For
great accidents were necessary, and amazing encounters that could have
happened elsewhere, or before, or might never have happened, in order
for the flows to escape coding and, escaping, to nonetheless fashion a
new machine bearing the determinations of the capitalist socius.

___________________ So Jill wrote when she was 12 ~


Franny Felix le Seconde wrote back : to back :

Flows of women and children, flows of herds and of seed, sperm
flows, flows of shit, menstrual flows: nothing must escape coding. The
primitive territorial machine, with its immobile motor, the earth, is already a
social machine, a megamachine, that codes the (lows of production, the flows of
means of production,of producers and consumers: the full body of the goddess
Earth gathers to itself the cultivable species, the agricultural implements, and
the human organs.
Meyer Fortes makes a passing remark that is joyous and refreshingly
sound: "The circulation of women is not the problem. ... A woman circulates of
herself. She is not at one's disposal, but the juridical rights governing
progeniture are determined for the profit of a specific person."

Mona says they are just show-offs!
Dumb waiters!~
Pretending it all
Mer ely


to hide in death a while

O dark Precursor Samson, Nietzsche, Baruch in a box... others that tangle the reigning ruin of desire yet leaps to its positive locks ~

(Mona knows if the precursor is dark, its because someone forgot to turn on the lights)

from Square White World

____________________________________ Via that magnificent blog

Oedipus returns “to hide in death a while;” or, recurrent displacement: The Character of a Dark Precursor for a Theatre of Philosophy

Theatrum Philosophicum

a ~meditation of Foucault that ends with the dance of Nietzsche returning wearing the mask of Spinoza the laughter of the particle and bug that climbs sidewise up the Platonic ladder ~

From the blog flagged above these words s of Michel Foucault

“What passes thus from hand to hand is more like a swollen foot than a clenched fist. Oedipus’ place of death is singularly inaccessible. It is inaccessible as a result of

what happens, and does not happe


n, there. Death will have taken place, while at the same time never visibly happening. Like the place itself, it is always on the move, although never simply going anywhere.

in this theatre are white
square & black
in yr. black & blue world ~

the personages

You need the personages to create. this is what the old man said in those pages ... year year ago after year. language works as that manner too towing the won two to win its handsome wage around creation

-- so after AntiOedipus Fictions 1, Fictions2, Fictions3 & 4 wherefore?

is there then a theory of Mona?
is there a plateau cooking for
the Guattari complex
and this
AntiOedipal space of creation becoming foreverrr?

et Monsieur RadioDeleuze?

what two these creations?
does a body never end somebody?
does the chaosmosis link the nuclei of mutant subjectitivities?
is there a spelling bee perhap? perhelion chance to territorialize the deft spaces of continue?

all to be answere d at yer behest and page Mister Duffy.

as found 2 ~

this just found across as to stumble in netweave


Naught Thought raises the image of Dark Vitalism and first associates it with the Demoness Zuggtmoy of fantasy lore, suggesting that if we allow an ontology of powers that bubble up from below, from the very matter of matter, we are faced with a world primordially chaotic of its intents. Any intelligence is swarming, polyvalent but still planal, or vectored, like so much threatening mold and fungi that at most grow up from and adhere to an omni-present death process:

Park of of the work of a dark vitalism is the sickening realization of such an image [Zuggtmoy, Queen of Fungus]. Steven Johnson’s Emergence begins with Toshiyuki Nakagaki’s work on slime molds in which he made one of the amoeba like creatures find a path through a maze towards a food. The mindless functioning of life, of life moving towards goals without any form of intelligence – creatures that function in a completely bottom up fashion (the rest)."

___________________ Your kind of rhizsy and gooey. Inword and bodymattered thereismuch to more its reading to follow ~ thus our prose ~ .


the interview~ that is missin ~~~ g

The frightful interview of evening with Guattari. After A_Oedipus the marriage break the cigarette encounter with Carmelo Felix's encounter Laing Coope r
No less than
Mary barnes reconverted catholic nurse and famous psychotic ~ revolution with a jigsaw puzzle how the Antihead preceded the lovely ducklings of strata and their belt. What kind of shock therapy is this? A heuristic device or just plain vice and no De or Davinci ~ .

Felix's ferocous warning to Franny D ~
dont' alter my text
and Viriolos'
late night
be a poet
not an assasin~!



let us suppose then obtained to this: what can a computer do? is that desire machine to its machine when body ending to its beginning not trammeled by rule buoyed options. say the body sans organs have travelled bystander to its guilt rid body. end body. for to strait gait to the substance of its nearest navigation

ask in word whata body cannot do? what's resurrection to its seeing eye dog? seeing I dog. Seeing I dog. Seeing I d g


when Or....Continued ....

when knight was Anti

was her body's golden

sun slipped to the winnow

of halloween masks and death

her perjury was my hand

was that the machine of grace?

her face the silk. I saw her in the library reincarnated

in the present as her younger bodied self,

when we almost loved __ but love now is

better than no love at all.


saith AntiOedipus, as he prunes the point Orpheus has junctured
with his thimbles and blouse like some hard-assed
Eurydice she bends around him as he leans into poetry books
her softened stare at him makes her a lover

now-ing the hands as she pulls them closer
her breast, bosom, bosom! He says! what bosom! how
can you say bosom when you mean blossom and you want to
put your mouth around it. She rows closer to him, spitting
off fires and cloves
to erase her dead self, crying the cling to his baron selved
need crossed the wave hiked to the corner a crowded
mouth of her , she sleeves __

what period is that that will make the stake? is that crescent
hangin' on your necklace a symbol of lust and love, old
allegories of pain?

She worries herself himself too so much, she grabs him
inside of herself the body sex wool and fairytale sheen soft.

AntiOedipus knows his place.
She holds the Antigone jar aloft.