the personages

You need the personages to create. this is what the old man said in those pages ... year year ago after year. language works as that manner too towing the won two to win its handsome wage around creation

-- so after AntiOedipus Fictions 1, Fictions2, Fictions3 & 4 wherefore?

is there then a theory of Mona?
is there a plateau cooking for
the Guattari complex
and this
AntiOedipal space of creation becoming foreverrr?

et Monsieur RadioDeleuze?

what two these creations?
does a body never end somebody?
does the chaosmosis link the nuclei of mutant subjectitivities?
is there a spelling bee perhap? perhelion chance to territorialize the deft spaces of continue?

all to be answere d at yer behest and page Mister Duffy.