who says? antioedipus can't be a thousand plateaus

The first _______________organ to suffer________ to suffer Mona holds her nose. A true asswipe doesn't give a rat's arse about belly-buttons. they chew and chew till their naves sings. So it rows . and rows. as row on rose of rose rows. privatization___________dont confuse the true with the real
the virtual with

the practicum__________________________
____________________________________, removal from the social field, was the anus.
Jill shuffes her butt.
Phutt! to its gleaminggold.

O wee anus
did he who made
the head
make thee?

The first organ to suffer privatization, removal f

rom__________ from Rome the ass was moved. O . no the Anus.

what address is that ?
except the loving sun
of the eye of Omphalos peering
out its head?
a waking
in the agora

O anus bis kiss this bis anus.
the social field, was the anus. It was the anus that offered itself as a
model for privatization,

Asshole sunrise
how much paper
's cleared thy veins?


at the same time as money came to express the
flows' new state of abstraction.

Abstraction detractiing contracting distracting.
night is the bed on Mona's tooth,
her toe's fungus.
on love's true game.

Would the thousandth plateaux make her skirt fall
to piuck and pick up
the hemming skirl
hemistich ~

This way Anti knows her nose. its not Antigone that's certain. For usuray is not pox on her swollen gland. Nor is it, the nose knowing its own.
Wrappers round her skin.A glowing dark onion its it pit!

One notices for several years that young women, and other women, young and otherwise 'old' and any stated age of life 's experience have lower'd the view on ass-crack. thus relieving the ass of its pondersous suite of privacy pull. A rank bending of age and sweet, returning the Once Lonesome AnuS
to Bis
and thus double parking their dark s(o)ul.

So it come s.

Rejoice at the ass-crack's visible ~.

_____________________ So to say the once privated
arse anus ass the hole of glories has turned its gleaming dark eye bright and beautifully visible in the dark hair of pub
__________________ So the goddess spoke. Her god came down hill. His eyepicketprick socking in the night.