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Oedipus he's too hard on three. thee. thee . thee. there to come. as gum. bridge. budge working . nave to tea. air to water. Mister. Won't come his schizoanalysis. As long as its portal of production not circle of endless infinite. repeat. DiffRence of. That way it go. There to see. Here to hold. Wait hold? what? holding what? sheering. night. as cracks. in memory. close the look. Oeuvre of bold



Oedipus you little shit! you will never find your Mama! so shut the hell up!
back to the den! you thief!


between bust top how many bad cinema? Mister Anti? How much multiplicity is bearable before training the loop?

when is alterity responsible for the future of the other

In these autistic austerities we found lies. Many that were sooth to wain their birds over heather and glen. This on the children of fort. Not da, but fort fort fort.


body with Out OrgaNs_Re: Body without Organs Miller Ma'am : P- ART 1 Mr. Man

Dear One and More ___

I appreciate you statement and can easily imagine Miller being bored, but then suddenly, in a blinding flash, as he does in all of his books, being fascinated with the idea behind it just as he was by Artaud the poet who invented all ofthese weird and wonderful terms. But one cannot speak for Miller, can one... but I can throw out a few things. Like I don't think he would be bored once he had started reading, I suspect he would lose his breath reading Antioedipus and its fascinating machinery of poetics and! noetics, a sort of Kantia joke. After what is the body without organs but everything Miller was driving at... I have Tropic right beside the p.c. and Capricorn is behind me... Miller is one part of the A/O and its backbone resting against its literary proper names, its machines of reading coupling and connecting to Miller and scores of other writers... HavE you read the Hamlet letters of Miller to his friend Fraenkel (I think that is the name) ? I first heard of the reading A/O when I was a kid , back in the 70's. Well, I went straight to the library and read right through them, and everything DeleuzeGuattari is saying is right there, give or take an idea here and there, an expression here and there, and the rather pedantic (wonderful pedanticism! dont get me rong! its a flying buttressed sort of didacticism they teach, a hodge-podge of bricoleurs constructions, which is what Miller and Artaud and many others were doing..in art back then..) You see, if I may, I think so many people take this body without organs and visualize it and that is not what it's meant for. It's something you live and do,a practice of intensity outside of the normal images you have of your organized body.Without wishing to seem preachy and know it all, what Guattari and Deleuze are saying is get out, and they say that just about everywhere in their books, and there is nothing new about that, and that is why [one reason anyhow] they harp onwriters writers in their books... it's about productio
n and desire and getting out...
Whata great writer Miller was. it's so obvious, you just pick him up again after years or months and there is ! Ploughing away and making new spaces, and new lines of escape and flight,

a Molecule shooting off into the deterritorialized spaces of his body-without-organs, and Bang! What!!

C ~~ D ~ .

For you can tie me up if you wish,but there is nothing more useless than an
organ.When you will have made him a body without organs, then you will have
delivered himfrom all his automatisms and restored him to his true
freedom.Then you will teach him again to dance wrong side outlike in the
frenzy of dance hallsand his wrong side out will be his real place.
-- Antonin Artaud


Body without Text

+ From: AntiOedipus

Ha! there was a body without organ texts. And they were sitting on the
fence, facing the recto verso version of their self. What slave of self
was it they fourfaced in the varied corner of their structured
simultaneous self-hood. What blood was it poured down them?
Sifting through the city market of his dead body piece (god
scattered rafter scaffolds all about), the left handed god awakened
The right handed sheep death at last. Some nominative noun passed
on finally. And the anglo-saxon language of sleep awoked near the end of
bridges and other torments. A peronsalized self dread walked away from,
near the infinite Knight of armour and infinite delectation and
repetition. O Angels! O Savoir!
What peel of lip
O lover of my mouth
You who are San Francisco a whole city character allegory
A figure-image name Nietzsche Daugher and Milton agains the
Zarathustra wind and thunder of prolegemonon
rolling word of tinder and sex pull in arrondissment street
through quarter and avenue of every funeral and Pere Lachaise
O stinger of the chill spine
malevont as night's deepest witch
As sex and dead desire the buddhist money on my back.
Dead philosopher of the sage West run back east to hear the curtain
call of saviour and rest.

Now breath and die O anagram
Breath and reposed in the arms of the nymph
travelling the link of street and desire
O Anagram of nymph and play
against any desire

any word




"An autopoietic machine is a machine organized (defined as a unity) as a network of processes of production (transformation and destruction) of components which: (i) through their interactions and transformations continuously regenerate and realize the


nto that is what I calls squaring.

she write "sqaured hypoteuse of bloc"

as wind does.

as any hoof bangs.
cape flung carriage!

Wheeled her winging. O come along now, Derry, there's nothing left there, but the nothing.

More Soon! good Blog!

network of processes (relations) that produced them; and (ii) constitute it (the machine) as a concrete unity in space in which they (the components) exist by specifying the topological domain of its realization as such a network." (Maturana, Varela, 1980, p. 78)
"[…] the space defined by an autopoietic system is self-contained and cannot be described by using dimensions that define another space. When we refer to our interactions with a concrete autopoietic system, however, we project this system on the space of our manipulations and make a description of this projection." (Maturana, Varela, 1980, p. 89)
"[…] the space defined by an autopoietic system is self-contained and cannot be described by using dimensions that define another space. When we refer to our interactions with a concrete autopoietic system, however, we project this system on the space of our manipulations and make a description of this projection."


13 yrs treize ...

1995 - Gilles Deleuze, (b. 1925)



13 yrs
since the death of the philosopher