Une minute de lecture #09 - Deleuze & The oslo deadtrash

Between yer capital and yer schizophrenia what lies between ?

The mouths of moth and breasted scenes. Gathered by gulps and harped by seems. Lovers traces play their accordians.


#09 Mille plateaux
Deleuze et Guattari
Ed. Minuit
Musique : The oslo deadtrash project - +7
tripostal records

Fimée à la Quarantaine
Rue Lesbroussart - Bruxelles


Anti O and O o o o ooh

Antioedipus had grandchildren great grandchildren
dozens of them inthe flying the buckets
the flying buttocks of the sky
various and narrative they were
sons and daughter of sore necked
deities of breathing boo hoo

Hugo Wolf Quartet - Bela Bartok

"Third Man" lookalike music clip. Bela Bartok, String quartet IV
Film by Jasmina Hajdany

and this Bartok guy?
first heard in the 70's ...living on Villeneuve sharing a
a place with David ....
yes ...
yes, then Stravinsky and Hendrix's Machine Guy Carnegie Hall....