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____________Mona lives off schizo parlance  ~ not connecting trouveees,. She's entre deux textes comme deux lesbiennes ~ yer social fabric choicer of terms. Not to define but employ. 

|We live today in the age of partial objects, bricks that have been shattered to bits, and leftovers... We no longer believe in a primordial totality that once existed, or in a final totality that awaits us at some future date ( A___________________O

So when people say 'get it together' they're dreaming of a faded totality. they aint no gitting twogather.

_____________Kick them totals down/rag that cash capital register. Deregister & demystify them 'hidears' get rid of jargon that backs up the willies of the ddt..ssssssssssssssss
A theory does not totalize; it is an instrument for multiplication and it also multiplies itself...

It is in the nature of power to totalize and ... theory is by nature opposed to power
_____________________________Snaking along like any darling lover  ~