the partial organs amd partially parted ~

The mythologies sing of
organs-partial objects and their relations with a full body that repels or attracts
them: vaginas riveted on the woman's body, an immense penis shared by the
men, an independent anus that assigns itself a body without anus. A Gourma
story begins: "When the mouth was dead, the other parts of the body were
consulted to see which of them would take charge of the burial. . . ." The unities
in question are never found in persons, but rather in series which determine the
connections, disjunctions, and conjunctions of organs. That is why fantasies are
group fantasies.

Mona parted her vagina in riveted a woman's body! ~ shall this be penis and vagina the gourma goo of mouth living and dead?

No anality—although, or

rather because, there is a collectively invested anus.

O my god!
hide that Ass
Oedipus class
get yer doggies out
get them catty cats

On with the glove
and toilet paper for all ~

Are we to believe that a universal Oedipus haunts all______ Haunting Haunting Oedipus!
societies, but exactly as capitalism haunts them, that is to say, as the__ 6Million yr. Ghost~
nightmare and the anxious foreboding of what might result from the_

O Chill Of Premonitories!

decoding of flows and the collective disinvestment of organs, the_decode decode as ghost to wish and cribbage to cabbage ~

becoming-abstract of the flows of desire, and the becoming-private of
the organs?_________________ O yer privat and become privy is the Organ of Detoxification , lactation my love ~
_________________________O my sore and private organ tucked behind that barbarian despotic zipper.

Mind yer mouth boy!
Watch that tongue ~