first of all

First of all, universal history is the history of contingencies, and not
the history of necessity. Ruptures and limits, and not continuity. For
great accidents were necessary, and amazing encounters that could have
happened elsewhere, or before, or might never have happened, in order
for the flows to escape coding and, escaping, to nonetheless fashion a
new machine bearing the determinations of the capitalist socius.

___________________ So Jill wrote when she was 12 ~


Franny Felix le Seconde wrote back : to back :

Flows of women and children, flows of herds and of seed, sperm
flows, flows of shit, menstrual flows: nothing must escape coding. The
primitive territorial machine, with its immobile motor, the earth, is already a
social machine, a megamachine, that codes the (lows of production, the flows of
means of production,of producers and consumers: the full body of the goddess
Earth gathers to itself the cultivable species, the agricultural implements, and
the human organs.
Meyer Fortes makes a passing remark that is joyous and refreshingly
sound: "The circulation of women is not the problem. ... A woman circulates of
herself. She is not at one's disposal, but the juridical rights governing
progeniture are determined for the profit of a specific person."

Mona says they are just show-offs!
Dumb waiters!~
Pretending it all
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