to hide in death a while

O dark Precursor Samson, Nietzsche, Baruch in a box... others that tangle the reigning ruin of desire yet leaps to its positive locks ~

(Mona knows if the precursor is dark, its because someone forgot to turn on the lights)

from Square White World

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Oedipus returns “to hide in death a while;” or, recurrent displacement: The Character of a Dark Precursor for a Theatre of Philosophy

Theatrum Philosophicum

a ~meditation of Foucault that ends with the dance of Nietzsche returning wearing the mask of Spinoza the laughter of the particle and bug that climbs sidewise up the Platonic ladder ~

From the blog flagged above these words s of Michel Foucault

“What passes thus from hand to hand is more like a swollen foot than a clenched fist. Oedipus’ place of death is singularly inaccessible. It is inaccessible as a result of

what happens, and does not happe


n, there. Death will have taken place, while at the same time never visibly happening. Like the place itself, it is always on the move, although never simply going anywhere.

in this theatre are white
square & black
in yr. black & blue world ~