mistre face it up

Here is an image jILL fooled around with . stay with simple thing add take off ~.

The face _ it's always elusive _ even when col_lasped with love . (colle glued with love ~ some get crazy glued ~ )

____________________ take the preface for instance
is the preface the one you meet when introduced to someone
does horror at the sight of the other repel or lure one into inside a body without platitude, or say glasses?

ioftenwonderewhyyersotouchyabout thatconcentoftheschizoidyoubeingsoliteralheartedwhilehopingforsomethingbigger

you thought you had face?
is this perforce yer face to
redo yer face there is nothing holdin'it
id is not the name of the super-ego nor the superior ego or the egology of legion. itds many workings rou nd the culvert of your body. is t hat veryrevery a station lens holding night when verb come active not passive
acting round t he end of any sentence then yer nerve is right.

GrandDada Lady Hoch had it right