capital cleavage

In this sense, it is not the machines that have created capitalism, but capitalism that creates machines, and that is constantly introducing breaks and cleavages through which it revolutionizes its technical modes of production.

                                                 BwO = $$$
Capital is indeed the body without organs of the capitalist, or rather of the capitalist being. But as such, it is not only the

fluid and petrified substance of money, for it will give to the sterility of money the form whereby money produces money. It

produces surplus value, just as the body without organs reproduces itself, puts forth shoots, and branches out to the

farthest corners of the universe.

   Anti-Oedipus (p.10) 



... People's Summit and toronto .... network


Links and things from the The People's Summit in Toronto that was taking place concurrent to g20

Last weekend hundreds of activists came to Toronto to build the ‘movement of movements’. Behind those hundreds, thousands are coming this week to resist the G8/G20 meeting in Huntsville & Toronto, respectively. With dozens of workshops and events this weekend the purpose of the conference is to share skills, information, and tactics for the week ahead.





the capitalists tell you guilt



all you do is produce

they wait
for your poverty

to steal
your riches

your labour

labour is god

the capitalist is theft





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a  glass penis? happiness hap_penis? saltpeanuts ? Glass! dare I say?(in thy glass:Look~) (those are mirrors that were his eyes)

                             a man's wallet's bigger than his cock or his god's dead.

something of that Browing missive betters its toenail racking a fortune metaphor made grasping its last reach....

__________________________________ a glass pen would leak. creak.  but a lover's creaky bone she is?

Had I a glass pen

if I had a glass pen then

then I 'd glass the pen
or pen the glass

_________________We 'd make it enter yr sown~ sweet suvae lady  ~

texto experi_tential

____________________ if you must fly take a boat not a plane. a boat of consistency has love's glue!