" the .... improved.... ..."

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" the New , Improved (and outproved[see-endnote 1], outter approved disapproved ) Version of AntiOediPus coming soon... '

A translation that defies the limits of Reason! a ghost gothic horror masterpiece! A chilling revelation of the
of the (yes yes, repeat please) previous edition's substandard stranded limits! to hell with group translations! "

A former student of the famous frenchies declaims a loud apocalypse in the up and coming edition.

A fir tree frightnening paradox of renewal!

________________________________ An interview that disclosed the paradox of eating shitting fucking and


For instance, one googled scholar impervious to claims of authenticity in the first edition bravely points out 500 errors in the conventional English edition. None of the french connotations carry over , he points out, in his in depth study, Deleuze and Guattari's Antioedipus and the Silly Circle of Language (Maximum Editions, Publisher's Press, Scotland, 1962)[! _________what ?. is this a reterritorialization before even the conception of the text? its inceptive connotative existence de jure?]

Another scholar, who actually met the famous French fried duet perforce remarks that as neither Gilles Deleuze or Felix Guattari could utter a word of English, ......~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! since that was the substanding subjunctive of their level of Grade B, and A levels are not even a question. What pluperfect sense would there be in a edition that did not demonstrate for the lay and the learned reader alike e the limit of the folded hanky panky that composes the deterritorialized rush of the Machines of Subje tiviity and passive conjuctive use in the voice of the translator. Their unheimlichmust be cannily tuned to that of the original spirit. Wait, he meant sport! the __ hold yer horses, yer hors d' texte SVplait. S'il vous Plate (AU)
dela you punking pink fellow. Well he went on her folding friendliness to Guattari one had to wonder what the old fraternal deconstucter had to say as the passive coincidental voice is oft read
as the sentimental passiveness of the feminine in the echo and trace tache if the reader is deferred to her present jim-jam: Its called Missing the Fucking Bus Forever.

Licking the postage she know that Freudian slippage is notted by kerchiefs of powder. At the cafe _ famous tim horton while disgusting atheism a lady and her hijab lick Highscream. Her bubbly hubby are awash in immigrant stew of religious verification comforted by capitalist canning. What other reterritorialized pleasure must be had by oinking couplets in public? The visible and risible are the obvious ferritory of fapitaliism. remember the lady was a widow and had loads of money. God was an old money bag! A huckster screamed Marx from the WINDOW.

I was whisk. She took out chapitre to you. Clifford from the fine felixed catatonic cat. the one with glass in her eye. the microtube of split denial and the river. And the translation has many wedding.

end note

1.this endnote say goodbye too is not two well its to. and to is outterproved as contrasted to stratafried assemplates that crumble on their own two feet. So it's outproved . its distance. well perhaps its use. one can say that, too.
2. other endnotes've discarded their recording consumption.

Rumour has it many other editions are following. Underlined private copies to maximize disaster. the statemachine does whatit does molecule do what they private.