notes of Aunty O an her travello

notes of Aunty O an her travello|pitted through the gaped state and pain strata. she cometh roun her ear. a round earing to day its wit. cross wind and boom. She pitted many strata. A catatonic knight she was as water. Spit to her. Wound and wound her recording apparatus, her cicatrice to its consuming reporting and reproducing.

_________________ Once and Upon On a time there was Eurydice the thread of love lying flung roun d ing his Anaoedial neck. was it not? but the room was endometrium deluxe
special. His zygot blast was mile away to shoot. Fern to his thought-thigh.
Eurydice ____ the writing o f the lover letter :
letters ... epistemes!! Hoot!! Hoot
you are a marvel becoming. Woweezow. You move move move
move my belly
_________________. I felt thrill of happpiness when i see the Other readers and
their pleasures, I am so happy for you and for them and of course
because sometimes lives in my light terminal for me. I skim new
gallop and she's splendid and i always love Franny- so much but I
have to print those girlys out later and read again. Funny yesterday in
I said - to the little seminar the imaginary seminar that I teach - God
is always Dying, which was of course one of the many
orphic statements that flew out the window over their heads, and so of
course the author is always dying in the becoming.

O my lovers my fiction loved. One and two. To lesbic their sappic many sexed throng. Becomed to her come to her belle-rum tum tum.

You're beautiful and
so full of love and your blessing of me makes me glow. I have to write
you more later you amazing writer poet man maybe much later as I have
such a busy day. __ Instead she was steadier as strong winding. Thank you again for all the ranging and ringing_ Yer welcome saith Ringring Pausecause __________
conversation yesterday. Leave no sense unturned was their motto. Love

With All my Affections of Cordiality
(a finer phrase has never been tooled)

A date with this plateau :

its like the first mona mooney and her made love with heraclitus and
unleash. it was orgasmic. stippple flame wars ended and all went rhizomatic.
fuck the quote. the quote of paranoia; the power of paranoid quote.

Sujet superject

and the first time the translators met and made love, and deleash was
unlatched and she m met with her panties down. She got spanked.
Like a good french catholic slut. Spank me ! SPank me she shouted! I flew
from the Douglas hospital conference where I first met Felix Guattari and
later met you and you Know who you are - at the Clinic. you mad as hell and
oh go get. But she loved us both in our eithers. It took weeks. I was going
to NY to meet her. she was from Scotland. She stole my names.

_Eurydice :

Plateau No One

No one married crazy Jill's become either.

But all the others here lived in the either land

thus paranoia paranoid possession of land territories wives and so on.,


ecially ~

Cre-mate check mate

__________ Lilith told me when the body was Cremated it was sad. The stank
of stink stunk ashes with out body was very Artaud was my boundless joy. The
smell of later to die dead deleuze was in the air too as it flew over the
impotent air of his as he once stuttered deada and impotent body. The ashes
of millions. The ashes of cement.
-Jill AntiOeDipus: what was really powerful was when I saw the spot Deleuze hit. And the
expressions of passersby. Oh that was a day, and what a falling off that
was. The singing detective.

______________________ G & D (or God ) (the h[id]den vowel.
O vow ~

. Now think of that Guattari Deleuze. Buried. His text is reterritorializeds besides in cement. Mean t not be loved . becomed as her first knit.

Limousin? (or?)

In a limousine in Limosin yes. The terre riche et beau jolie comme le ciel de philosphie.

CataTonIc not Catacombic

egorically deny that you were my lovere. She said. Ittwas
phonetic. and fictional, my amusemachine.

d. c. was not my lover

it is not true.

it was the Human Skin\\


The Last Words of Franny.

Kisses to all
2000-2005 persons stutter trans. Memoirs of a clutter ~.

I'll give you a stuttering translation she said. And turned the door. Tristan Corbiere Villon
Tzara_____________. L'angoisse de .... of the unmentionable. Those things
which cannot be translated. For now.
with affection to the lady from the Clinic.

te: ase on the plateau of poles. Not pole vaults but them of the Unconscious swing .

In those days stuttering Deleuze met Guattari who met the plate plateau of
translations and anguish. She was not what she seemed. He had been living on
the molar line which is why he experienced paranoia. I mean the molecular
but projecting onto the molar. Haha, switch-switch. So it went till he went
pop goes the weasel and went nuts. Then he heard from her who had seen
Frantic Felix in his clinic of La Borde of Love and Hate and Other things.
So it was like that. and was.
____________________A fiendship reactionary pause? in
the Pole
and Pole the North pull desire the South reactive. As dust. Nuclear wasted.

Let me explain for all the fools who do not write. There is always an
agent. Always, it is called decision and the machine is the decision. So. I
decide albeit the I is no longer I. So much of what secondary readers of
philo do is make rules the master[s] cannot contradict as they are dead. I
like to approach books and authors - and being one myself I really
appreciate this -- with that Deleuzian idea in mind - dont make the author
you a re writing about weep or turn over in his grave. Which image comes
from English literature and dates back to Sterne and Swift . So why be
fooled by the silly generalizations which "people" make about writing. When
they do not write. As we knowing the job is always
make a decision and work decide work . Joy pleasure hope.

---- There are nothing but signatures of writers in the world of desire. Do
you believe your own theory? Not for a second replied Antioedipus Clifford
Duffy. With love and many conflections. O Philosophers!!!
-- Plateau

-- Itr --

is your new word

order of the week

several postulates on linguistic desire as tongues away flicker/no
raptures where none intended ---

--- from the Love Letters of Felix Guattari --

your mother Oedipus and other contractors.
Salman Rushdie and other early

Translators. Whom we all Love.


Deleuze never saw a snow-man but a snowwoman in her double
becoming and coming and .
But Linda Hutcheon disagrees and calls the idea of
deterritorialization "masculinist" and when Deleuze read that he fainted
away swooned and became Franny again.


the first time Jill read Franny she was carrying a copy of Ariadne and
Eurydice not. Anything else
about l. hutcheon

makes that rather canny remark in her book postmodernist poetics. and she
then goes to quote off derrida to sort of ba ck her claim. and also quotes
massumi. So what could Jill do in the midst of all that becoming of bullshit
but laugh her head off and encourage more double articulations and so on. So
it goes.

_______ C. D ~
_____Oh Bobo
Memoirs of An Epistemologist

-- arent we all working out our nicest machines like Janine is prone to
say.../ we switch selves in the double becomings. What complications of love
ooze and drip from this book of plateaus I write and sex with each hour.

_______ Cl~D. and and so many others
et tant d'autres et tant d'autres
janine mackintosh

Molecule when

When psychoanalysis stops be a practice then perhaps the work of therapy
will be re-achieved. As will the massacres perpetrated by pyschiartry. Signs
in analysis become the torment one undergoes trying to fit one's suffering
into the boxes already preconceived. this goes on still and worse it gets
worse. Nothing has changed. One still pays lots of money for nothing but a
dead word, a degrading design. The signs of analysis go along with the signs
of the pharmaceutical zoo . Lobotomy maintenanc e. It was not what happene
at the clinic or in England with the friends of Felix Guattari in the
Philadelphia Association. Best to all. J.M. And thanks for your question
. I am only now just re-emerging.

----------------------- as always some cute thinks to defy the death living
life breathing schizo
as with this quip squeezed from the narcotic tomatoe of vanity

"I dont care if you disagree. I am not speaking of agreements. but if you
wish to explain to us all, well that would be nice. But having lived this as
the analysand and recipient of it... well, go ask Felix as Alice once said
to the white rabbit. But seriously without being coy explain to us what you
mean with less gnomic phrases" Nina _ Or was that In a gada da vida?
________________ Janine has no reply to such asaults on her. She retreat to cover of black hole.
_______________________ SU FF ering Bloody Suffering

Dear d, -- I could not agree with you more. I have expereinced
horrible physical mental pain at the hands of the pyschiatric butchers. the

analysts met were the same except for felix guattari and his clinic. SUrely

you know He never romanticized this madness so many of us have had and so
many have experienced. On the contrary he seemed to have an uncanny sight
when it came to getting inside people's heads hearts and bodies... In
terms of Elizabeth Groz - I urged others to read her for reasons that I
happen to agree with, but not because of her accusation or inference of
romantic ideas in Guattari or in Deleuze and Guattari for that matter.

same accusation was leveled at Laing and the Philadelphia association.
Nothing could be further from the truth. The trouble, in my opinion with
intellectuals who do not go out and see for themselves what is happeneing
in clinics and hosipitals is that they dont realize what the trench warfare
of that world is; I love the real thinkers in the real with the breath of
the Outside in their work.As they say in L'antioedip... In any case, I
think your query is marvelous and refreshing, at least for me. And for
those who have experienced the hell down there, well they, if there are
other readers in the list like this, well they know what this alludes to.
More another day, J.M.

her correspondent writing unde the name of G. Inquiry
to Janine desire machine


I appreciate this post. I have been thinking-writing about suffering in
relation to drug addiction. Current medical and political practice in the
US tends to find strategies for pushing suffering out of its view,
ignoring it (focussing instad on the laws) or worse still explaining it
away (it's the addict's won fault). Anything but notice it, take it on
its own terms, give it space to unfold, take responsibility for it. This
is not just true of drug addiction, but it seems to be structured into
health care(especially with Health Maintanence Organizations [HMOs])...

But with respect to your note, I just read _Volatile Bodies_ (Grosz,
1994). One of her criticisms (at least one she raises) is that D&G
'romanticize' insanity and ignore 'the real torment of suffering
individuals' while simultaneaously positioning insanity as an unreachable
ideal'(163). Do you (or does anyone else out here on the inside) know of
any places where D and/or G address this criticism? Or any thoughts on
the topic of suffering and D&G generally?


Some just never read us. Says Felix to Jillebecoming Fanny reaching her Janine I want to be a _
_______________________ the blest and the worst
Janine desire machine reply:

janine mackintosh__ a former patient at LaBorde and at another clinic in England.

suffering ___________ when suffering .
The strata of schizo byecomings

Dear I would never recommed this book to anyone asking these questions. Its
garbled literary and has nothing to say and do for the suffering of those
who have been mad. I am sorry if it sounds vindicative but. There are
plenty of other books far more interesting and connecting. I will think of
some soon and send them along. But dont waste your energy on a book like
this sort which does not do any of the things that mending and rebuilding requires.



Over the hil and leave
Janine desiremachine
was full spooled
her rhizmatic
rafty spin
proof ~

Our joy then is fiction combinatories. O particle of Pragmantics ~