the pivot couple re:worst stocking

'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Certainly, in

real life this difference does not mean that half the male cousins are destined to

remain bachelors. '''''''''''''''''''''''''

O you bachelors! O you sisters of the gown! the hood cape motormouth mortar boards!

However, at all events, it does express the law that a man

cannot receive a wife except from the group from which a woman can be


because in the previous generation a sister or a daughter was lost, while

a brother owes a sister (or a father, a daughter) to the outside world if a woman

was gained in the previous generation. . . .

The pivot-couple, formed by an A

The pivot-couple,

The pivot-couple,

man married to a B woman, '''''''

A B woman is better than an A one, in any case Jill married Mona to her becomings womanfleshof that acceded wealth. It was, you might say, her personal collective edition.

O Pivot misfitting. in yer flimflam recomings. How comely a siege it is . O our transsexuals forced.

"obviously has two signs, according to whether it is

envisaged from the viewpoint of A, or that of B, and the same is true for

children. It is now only necessary to look at the cousins' generation to establish

that all those in the relationship (+ +) or (—) are parallel to one another, while

all those in the relationship (+-) or (-+) are cross."12

__________________ Now hereye hear ye! where does that patpassage comerumfruM? A repetition of your prayer? Or yer stuck on the barrel with the B babes and their single mums hurrying and cursing the lanes of spontaneous aunts.

We can go here for more mulitplied plying aunties here and here yer saviour is flying dear one. Breath your best wedding yet.