acrobatics dig?


But on

the other, the schizorevolutionary, pole, the value of art is no longer

measured except in terms of the decoded and deterritorial-ized flows

that it causes to circulate beneath a signifier reduced to silence, beneath


the conditions of identity of the parameters, across a structure reduced to

impotence; a writing with pneumatic, electronic, or gaseous indifferent

supports, _________________ and that appears all the more difficult and intellectual to

intellectuals as it is accessible to the infirm, the illiterate, and the

schizos, embracing all that flows and counterfiows, the gushings of

mercy and pity knowing nothing of meanings and aims (the Artaud

experiment, the Burroughs experiment). It is here that art accedes to its

--- She accedes her grateful memory to consists liberating flock of flood. Her flooden bath is merrytoothcomb love. Breaker foam.

authentic modernity, which simply consists in liberating what was present in art

from its beginnings, but was hidden underneath aims and objects, even if

aesthetic, and underneath recodings or axiomatics: the pure process that fulfills

itself, and that never

ceases to reach fulfillment as it proceeds—art as

"experimentation."* A/O ___ CapitalISm

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have seen this in the case of the painter Turner, and his most accomplished

paintings that are sometimes termed "incomplete": from the

moment there is genius,

there is something that belongs to no school, no

period, something that achieves

a breakthrough—art as a process

without goal, but that attains completion as such.

The codes and their signifiers, the axiomatics

spontaneous acrobatics ~