worst stocking

what's worse than a couple? a group a conference a convening. reconvening. inevitablement reterritoring. the cofernse babble. worse for babys ticks. kipping language.

Bow tie daddy dont you blow your torch.
Torque is here.
Off the shore

"Nothing original or derived," _ neither one or the other ___ "but a generalized drift." A drift in passages of see and sea. S ailor's routing. "It
would seem that the schizo liberates a raw genealogical material,
nonrestrictive, where he can situate himself, record himself, and take his
bearings in all the branches at once, on all sides."
She comes colours a wave deterritorializing the spare monkey. O how it seizes.

"'(S)He explodes the
Oedipal genealogy.

Through graduated [key term_ graduated: not sudden] relationships he performs absolute
overflights spanning indivisible distances. "

I have heard the mother dog the monstrous adjective
kicking hiking matter.
I am the supreme air

"The genealogist-madman
lays out a disjunctive network on the body without organs." It hurts
hurtles dear love "And God, _ alive as any movie-before and between the disjunctive organs.

"who designates none other than the energy of recording, can be the
greatest enemy in the paranoiac inscription, but also the greatest friend
in the miraculating inscription."
The blood _ indeed one does not gloss blood
travelling its own spirited course.
Coarse as the veins.
"In any case, the question of a being
superior to man and to nature does not arise here at all. "

Does not arise
does not arise
does not
and go then

"Everything is on
the body without organs, both what is inscribed and the energy that
inscribes it. On the unengendered body," ___ the airplane of consistency
not the job of paranoia.

" the nondecomposable distances
are necessarily surveyed, while the disjoined terms are all affirmed. I am
the letter and the pen and the paper. "

Inside the whirl
of its inward course
and these smells
which harm the knight
I am the nunication of eualia
the bifurcation of person
et nonpersonne

"It was in this fashion that Nijinsky__ O how he danced uP in AiR ___
Holding his disJuncted LeG

"kept his diary: yes, I was my father and I was my son."
I was my papa I was my mama Mon soeur
Mon greve mon frere

"The disjunctive synthesis of recording therefore leads us to the
same result as the connective synthesis: it too is capable of two uses, the
one immanent, the other transcendent."

The hour of the moment of the lecture
beyond two becomings


Beyond its becoming in the hereness of its ever present