Whereas the paranoiac and the schizophrenic,

properly speaking, do not operate on the socius, but on the
body without organs in a pure state.


It might then be said that the
paranoiac, in the clinical sense of the term, makes us spectators to the
imaginary birth of the mass phenomenon, and does so at a level that is
still microscopic.

The body without organs is like the cosmic egg, the
giant molecule swarming with worms, bacilli, Lilliputian figures, animalcules,
and homunculi, with their organization and their machines, minute
strings, ropes, teeth, fingernails, levers and pulleys, catapults: thus in
Schreber the millions of spermatazoids in the sunbeams, or the souls
that lead a brief existence as little men on his body. Artaud says: this
world of microbes, which is nothing more than coagulated nothingness.


The two sides of the body without organs are, therefore, the side on

which the mass phenomenon and the paranoiac investment corresponding
to it are organized on a microscopic scale, and the other side on
which, on a submicroscopic scale, the molecular phenomena and their
schizophrenic investment are arranged. It is on the body without organs,
as a pivot, as a frontier between the molar and the molecular, that the
paranoia-schizophrenia division is made .