SinThome = caca -- control polic. object to sht and shut others. down. always. clamping. claming. old paranoid lacanian cop doctor. professor of power. scum supporter of SarKosy . indeed. this is called the briar of intellectual. this shite's been obscene before. as with the translators and the graduate students. and them that see with shite peepers.

So Mona, pisses on their patois.

It is not philosophy that they do, but paranoid police politics to control.

Contra the movement in A/O

Guattari and Deleuze state :

'Here again, in these modern resources,
what a strange use is made of Lacan's discoveries—Lacan, who was the first on
the contrary to schizophrenize the analytic field! .....'

___________________ Indeed. and we know the terrible politics of this paranoiac. The interviews and talks with Felix Guattari are enough to convince anyone. Proof~ these academic paranoiacs want proof? what porno masters they are of their little shit filled domains, monstrosities of their own poverty.

Plata was a King __________________ what are these shits?

Freud was the Adam Smith of psychiatry____________ an Inventor who went astray.....

but these parashits?

what are they?

_______________________Let us suggest that Antioedipus be read on street corners. and as Felix the Cat Guattari says somewhere the book is already too academic.