O ignoble contagion of the depressives, neurosis as the only
illness consisting in making others ill;


Doubtless there are astonishing oscillations of the unconscious,
from one pole of delirium to the other: the way in which an expected
revolutionary force (puissance) breaks free, sometimes even in the
midst of the worst archaisms; inversely, the way in which everything
turns fascist or envelops itself in fascism, the way in which it falls back
into archaisms. Or, staying on the level of literary examples: the case of
Celine, the great victim of delirium who evolves while communicating
more and more with the paranoia of his father.


Why these words, paranoia and schizophrenia, which are like talking birds
and girls' first names? Why do social investments follow this dividing line that
gives them a specifically delirious content (recreating history in delirium)? And
what is this line, how can we situate schizophrenia and paranoia on either side of
it? Our assumption is that everything happens on the body without organs; but
this body has, as it were, two faces.