The prophet is always being forced by God, literally violated by him, much more than inspired by him. The prophet is not a priest. The prophet does not know how to talk, God puts words in his mouth: word-ingestion, a new form of semiophagy.
-- G.Deleuze and/or F.Guattari
A Thousand Plateaus (p.124)

"Monsters cannot be announced.

One cannot say: 'here are our monsters',
without immediately turning the monsters into pets."

"HYDRATEXT. The Hydra has many heads. You will not be able to choose between this one on the one hand, on the other that. And the play of differences between the right and the left hand..."

left hand deterri
right reterri
prose with left
poems with lefting
as antioedipus
pyloned her stakes

carrying the state
in her molecules