darling superior

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You are having probs. reading Vogues relatively new book about Del's literary pastures ... and . It spends a lot of time telling us what it will do, like Risa's also does in his two-fold book... too much time explaining and not so much showing.... I like Bogue's tone, but what he achieves seems unequal to what he wants to do. It seems that way withalmost all of the commentators on Deleuze and Guattari's work either singly or together... Perhaps that is because most of the american commentators except Massumi remain outside of the text constantly speaking about what the text instead of enacting it. This is at least a fault of the majority of academic writing with its professional demands for explication, justification etc... So you re reading this book and you get tired, tired, and turn to the French text of a friend of Prof. Jill and you see that two fold works when it does... Like some of the articles about Difference Engineering and some of Genosko's book about Guattari, but most of the time

you get tired

and slide your cock around your signifier to make masturbation come

and speak of a new body without organs and how to make it some

thing to hang on and knowing that hor d'texte is matter like a bum

a woman's desire to dominate and history is the fem. dom. that Pasolini

and Artaud wanted to end but that others wish to hold.