proust and pIrate babes

Sh(ore)Pirate researcher Corry discussing : the old writer Proust the Bed BucanNeer! Sails in his Room ! Capturing all them old time. Memory of time becomed captured by its past, yet recapitulated to its present. As it was becomed by him seeing the future forever and river.

Awake! AwAke o Middle of the Nighter Perception Thee bring out the yarn. Yarrow and yarn me hearties.

"Off from the Heads of Babes"

Becomed not besomed

Room with thousand view

Mister Proust
the one eyed
shambling the memory pages.

Old Henry Miller, strangely, had a bad reaction at one time in his career to Proust (and surprisingly to Ulysses) _ claiming he
was a great masturbatory author!
I cant remember where I ve read
this __ I do remember it's a long essay and in it he knocks,
or tries to knock the wind
out of both Joyce's Ulysses'
and the Proust book.
I was surprised when I read that.

As Miller's normally so positive.
but really , in the end, the essay
was about Miller, and what Miller
had to do, not what Proust did.
or Joyce.

Writers as they write about 'other'
writers are always prejudiced
because most of the time
what they read,
its , or what they write,
is about themselves,
and what they want to write.

its a tricky business.
i think writers
are prob. less fair
in this sense, than philosophers are?

In one sense, once you become a writer, you're always reading for , beneath the surface, (literally of the page) the book you want to write,or are writing.

-------------- What then, is a true commentary on a text?

one who removes
his own comments
to let the other's shine.

(there's a long tradition o f this ,
yet these readers too, get possessive,
about what is and isnt a good book, or poem,)

A difficult task. No doubt it is.
(i dont pretend to do that
I wish to have fun
cant readers have fun?
(of course they can!)

So the truest
comment is always the book[s] a writer

( think of the comment that changes the perception a poet
has sending her on a wild goose chase
around the world of literary references,
Pound does this to many readers. what is a writer anyhow?
Maybe a writer is someone who reads,
once, and never writes again. A writer
who finding herself in Japan twenty years
later, after reading a novel in her teens,
or the reader of the Harlequin romance,
DOn QUixote_ the search based on the book)

the Actual Book
and not the commentary as such
(or even better
its what you, or anyone
does with a book,
) (do you turn a book into a collage?
a piece of yr art ceiling? part of yr of life?)
(do you paint the book)

I like what
Deleuze writes

"Individuals find a real name for themselves, rather,
only through the harshest exercise n depersonalization

(it's reminiscent of Rimbaud's famous dictum in La Lettre au Voyant: Le Poète se fait voyant par un long, immense et raisonné dérèglement de tous les sens. Toutes les formes d'amour, de souffrance, de folie; il cherche lui-même, il épuise en lui tous les poisons, pour n'en garder que les quintessences.)

by opening themselves up to
the multiplicities that
traverse him from head to foot

to the intensities
running through him"

.... living through
inside herself

'an infinite variety of postures and situations.'

What Rimbaud wrote and what Deluze writes
following in his footsteps

Footsteps. along the desire machine . of you r
own health.
yr own pathway.