this becoming to LIne

_This becomeMona, become woman, ebb become Jill as her devenir. its not the schizo's obssession which matters,but her production.

this becoming-woman, this becoming-Scandinavian or

Mongol, this "displacement of races and of continents," this feeling of
raw intensity that presides over delirium as well as over hallucinations,
and especially this deliberate, stubborn, material will to be "of a race
inferior for all eternity": "I have known every son of good birth, I have
never been of this people, I have never been Christian, . . . yes my eyes
are closed to your light. I am a beast, a Negro."33


between I am a beast a negro a citizen of good birth... a royal flush in the desire packet___________________________ the line falls foul or leaps out. an imagi_native sortie the book becomes the machine becomes the blog? or the book's blog is the machine.
in any case, the schizo experience is not a side effect but the paradigm itself that refracts round its sudden capture _______________ Jill enters becomings -unknown. her schizo self capture.

And can Zarathustra be separated from the "grand politics," and
from the bringing to life of the races that leads Nietzsche to say, I'm not
a German, I'm Polish.

He is Polish like
KIng Ubu it is a land that's nowhere
king ofthe pataphysicans ~

Here again individuations are brought about

solely within complexes of forces that determine persons as so many
intensive states embodied in a "criminal," ceaselessly passing beyond a
threshold while destroying the factitious unity of a family and an ego: "I
am Prado, I am also Prado's father. I venture to say that I am also
Lesseps. . . .I wanted to give my Parisians, whom I love, a new
idea—that of a decent criminal. I am also Chambige—also a decent
criminal. . . . The unpleasant thing, and one that nags at my modesty, is
that at root every name in history is I. "34 Yet it was never a question of
identifying oneself with personages, as when it is erroneously maintained
that a madman "takes himself for so-and-so. . . ."

It is a question
of something quite different: identifying races, cultures, and gods with
fields of intensity on the body without organs, identifying personages
with states that fill these fields, and with effects that fulgurate within and
traverse these fields.

Whence the role of names, with a magic all their
own: there is no ego that identifies with races, peoples, and persons in a
theater of representation, but proper names that identify races, peoples,
and persons with regions, thresholds, or effects in a production of
intensive quantities.

The theory of proper names should not be conceived
of in terms of representation; it refers instead to the class of
"effects": effects that are not a mere dependence on causes, but the
occupation of a domain, and the operation of a system of signs. This can
be clearly seen in physics, where proper names designate such effects
within fields of potentials: the Joule effect, the Seebeck effect, the
Kelvin effect. History is like physics: a Joan of Arc effect, a
Heliogaba-lus effect—all the names of history, and not the name of the

90 A/O

So the programme then; notthe polemic or rather the polemic is contained already within the reaches of the programme; the union of the two traversal the desiremachine.