schizo analyst at work

for more about the clinic see p 8-13 Introduction: the Guattari Reader . Gary Genosko.
and from the Notes go to the French books:
Guattari, "La Borde, un lieu-dit", in RM, pp. 161-69; Sabourin and Pollack, La Borde, or le droit a la folie, Paris: Calmann-Levy, 1976. ..

Close to the end of this video you glimpse Guattari at work sitting with the group ~. it might be a good idea for anyone digging this video to grab it while you can cause it migh t be that youtube/or french tv. ask to have it removed

if you download it in
the french television site


Now Imagine that ~ Pay fora clip of a doCumentary __ in part about the Guy who said you ought to Get Paid to Do therapy __ its work is why and the PrOduCtion of SubJeCtViity Ought to be Paid as Much as the Analyst gets loot ... So exchange the loot back and forth, eh? No more ccacacacappeeeshitalisms but labour love||

"Ah, what will one ever do with out money and its filthy disgusting shit ...."

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The Hospital is Ill: An Interview with Jean Oury
David Reggio and Mauricio Novello