itt is

:It is correct to measure established literature against an Oedipal
psychoanalysis, for this literature deploys a form of superego proper to it, even
more noxious than the nonwritten superego. Oedipus is in fact literary before
being psychoanalytic.
think of literary criticism and its religion its schools, gangs, would be and want to be writers, criitcs, popes, deciders, publishers, movements (that smell like shit)

There will always be a Breton against Artaud,

a Goethe

against Lenz,

a Schiller against Holderlin, in order to superegoize literature and

tell us: Careful, go no further! No "errors for lack of tact"! Werther yes, Lenz


The Oedipal form of literature is its commodity form.

_____________________so beware the racket and the asslickers, the would be philosophy students turned 'novelist' and 'writer' licking the shit berries of the arse of the other they converst. their wordage has the coinage of true prostitution ~ .

We are free to think
that there is finally even less dishonesty in psychoanalysis than in the established
literature, since the neurotic pure and simple produces a solitary work,
irresponsible, illegible, and nonmarketable, which on the contrary must pay not
only to be read, but to be translated and reduced.

He makes at least an economic
error, an error in tact, and does not spread his values.

______________________if you'r e not making your own machine and yer own space with your solitude or the solitude you share with others then;

Artaud puts it well:

writing is so much pig shit—that is to say, any literature that takes itself as an

end or sets ends for itself, instead of being a process that "ploughs the crap of

being and its language," transports the weak, the aphasiacs, the illiterate. At least

spare us sublimation. Every writer is a sellout. The only literature is that which

places an explosive device in its package, fabricating a counterfeit currency,

causing the superego and its form of expression to explode, as. well as the

market value of its form of content.

and that isn't bought by the academics of dealer guiders. the dealer in this case's as being as criminal as the drug pedlar . and worse.

its been a long time poets have whored their talent and gift to the 'highest' and most convenient bidder. end the bidding . Open the auction gate. Open the door turn the phrase key.
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