ask _________ your self

___________________________________ One not to assume a poem is necessarily a cap and vessel to play yet traps its behind , its arse, grappled on shit bowl of talk .

the space of another blog, another episteme is like the __ like the simile __ the taste of someone's mouth, the taste of, tasted of another woman's mouth

what is a hippy?
what is "live like one"
etc. ?
game to play with text against curling night

I am a hippy and live like one.
Possibilly thee last one.
A poet, what is that?
something no. It is a way. And
not a way to use people.
or use them. s

x. has nothing. to do. with becomingspoet.

I am the hippy who lives by the word
not the dirty lie of fantasy
wait is my body my own?
Not yours, you prisoner of love.
I am the voice which speaks

your name between my sheets
waiting all day long foR your name

A poet a hippy useless things
foR the world to create


Enough of this liking or disliking of things, and poems, and plays and ... and ...


on the other exam it is all that and more lessmorelessmore

and Not


_____________________________ If the I in this stanzaic shape believe it self does it make it real? is it the cinema of reel self spinning off the platonic shadow play? AS the real self is the subjectivity remaindered in its own missed becomings it forces lack. to the fore. the fullnesses of becoming are time's fold as when a hand grabs a man startling his reveries worrying the hour of its best possibles .