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"Above all, the observation must be made that schizoanalysis is
first and foremost a reactive, vital, non-structural approach to
which Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari resort in order to better
evaluate the "post-modern" subject (who, consequently, is
"schizophrenized"; that is, liberated from the artificial "encoding"
structures of psychoanalysis).
As Deleuze and Guattari point out, schizoanalysis has one
"negative" task and two "positive" ones. The former consists of
"deconstructing psychoanalysis" by means of revealing (first
                                                                       positive task) the "desiring machines oppressed by the forces of
Oedipus and society" (coding exerted by Law Enforcement and the
                                                           institutionalizing of madness).
Schizoanalysis "second positive task" is to free desiring
production in all directions. The subject must follow his "natural"
course toward "disintegration." Disintegration meaning the internal
disconnection in relation to pyramidal "stratification." The subject's
movement must be a horizontal one, toward the creation and
exploitation of new potentialities. How does he/we do that?
Through haecceity, the acknowledgement "that everything is in
constant flux."
Therefore the subject loses his "subjectivity" (or his is-ness).
He is no longer a subject, at least not as a "stasis-noun." By
inserting his self in the flux which is "his (repressed) essentiality,"
he becomes mask, the moving, becoming existence to which no
permanent code can be assigned . That is to say, the subject
becomes the "body-without-organs"—Michael Jackson or
Acephalous. The fixed subject loses his head (psychoanalysis
favorite dungeon for torture) and becomes "rhizome." The social
pyramid is substituted by the labyrinth at the same time that the individual's "tree" is replaced by "grass." As Deleuze and Guattari put it, flux is the essential is-ness of the universe. And it has remained so despite its being oppressed by the "stratum" whose function is territorialization: to give form and to control, "imprisoning intensities, locking singularities into systems." The subject beyond Oedipus, the non-Oedipal subject, the resisting subject, fluent and undefinable is schizophrenic by nature, schizophrenic being a static-noun imposed by psychoanalysis to all of those who resist "coding" by its "totalizing theory." A "totalizing theory," as defined by Alan Taylor in his "Wanderings and Reflections on Deleuze and Guattari," is an all-powerful, fascist-like construction of the world to which we must adapt (by"Le racisme européen comme prétention de l'homme blanc n'a jamais procédé par exclusion, ni assignation de quelqu'un désigné comme Autre: ce serait plutôt dans les sociétés primitives qu'on saisit l'étranger comme un "autre". Le racisme procède par déteremination des écarts de déviance, en fonction du visage Homme blanc qui prétend intégrer dans des ondes de plus en plus excentriques et retardées les traits qui ne sont pas conformes, tantôt pour les tolérer à telle place et dans telles conditions, dans tel ghetto, tantôt pour les effacer sur le mur qui ne supporte jamais l'altérité. Du point de vue de racisme, il n'y a pas d'extérieur, il n'y a pas de gens du dehors. Il n'y a que des gens qui devraient être comme nous, et dont le crime et de ne pas l'être." allowing our own territorialization via its enforced codes) and sheepishly believe. Architecturally speaking, such construction is pyramidal. A progressive building of cities, laws and cathedrals (or skyscrapers) which are the representational, Platonic double of the vertical evolutionary-genealogical chain . A "schizophrenized" subject, a subject beyond representation, must seek to pour through the "lines of flight," or breaks, or fractures, in the "strata." He must perform the complete erasure of the boundaries clearly marked by Aristotelian tradition and challenge the old, conservative Being upon which these limits are rooted: the Phallus must fall and genders bent in order to dissolve and disperse the "identity" of the subject construed by, and in obedience to, authority—the authority of Being! Such is the task
necessary to carry out the rupture of the "safe" evolutionary chain
of domineering Being—as seen in the film Jurassic Park. Life finds
the way to break free.
The objective of schizoanalysis is to provoke the discovery of
these lines of flight by means of haecceity and to pursue them falling
into the flux leaving behind Sigmund Freud and Charles Darwin
and all of the monumental, institutional structures of power:
evolution, history and archetypes (upon which the whole "Oedipal
edifice" is built) are only the dead, artificial codes of an oppressive,
repressive logic to whom life (real life) escapes; a logic to which we
have too easily grown accustomed to, frightened as we are to live,
safe inside ourselves, dragging the crutches of a fragmented identity
imposed from, and by, the outside so to pull our maimed humanity
out of bed each morning into a world where nothing is at stake,
where we gamble nothing. Schizoanalysis should aim at the
creation of new potentialities where everyone survives by
assembling new desiring machines within the eternal renovation of
the universe.
Survival should not be the exclusive privilege of the fittest,
but should also include those whose cunning and fleetingness have
enable them to defeat their former master, the fittest, and
consequently the grammar to which the very notions of fitness,
strenght, and domination are indebted; those who insert themselves
into the flux, discover they are desiring machines and transform
through metamorphosis and mutation into mask.
Michael Jackson equals capitalism because he himself became
"desiring production"—hence the need for the emergence of
psychoanalysis' coding to construct—shape—him as a pervert,
child molester, or whatever.
Desiring production is nothing more than the universe's
resort (which inhabits all of us—insofar as we are body-without-
organs) to restore uniqueness and novelty at every moment."

Harrison Mujica-Jenkins

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