entrance into life’s so narrow & the exit’s so wide

Entrances life narrow exit wide? she say what is mid-riff yer girth's guts. Too short detraque love bud her fast walk subway . Same time her image is a serving to beauty's fast feast .Paranoia's foresight. Alarmism! they call'd but they went to gaol. I on theE other hand,went to Gail.

So let start in the middle baby, you meet me there, and I'll meet you here. Or her[e] [t]here . Oof Poof!

Dear dear Fanny mon amour _ ageing saging swift quick: ageing quick, according to Fanny, on the contrary...that patience which really allows the grasping of all the speeds which pass. ... yes, yes the patience of speed. Temperature as opposed to temperment. Easy to say, easy to remind, easier to write, as to do, what is to do for us, my berry berry Frannyfoo~ J't'aime.
Deconner mon frere yes we wander knowing this. As will to wish is want to will, so glovers peak their trestle hell bound down bent ~ .

Flight delirium of across sky.
On the lectern right track left track traque .

comment of your mouth in these thighs. her whoredom in palidromia is floor boards, mattresses and cake. All for these teeth, and her ass.