the important thing


important thing is flight

away around under even poetry art

molar like teeth big things
in the way

fete of inertia

keep going

round unde r

here come the enemies
we must

pound and

what is this fascism that desires itself

what is it makes them,

desire their own

there is noother word, repression

elections of dead men and dead women

fright in a puff

what is this

how escape

body of death

stiff knees in my own body
reflect and refract the body politic

what righteous

gangs of conservatives

've come to ruin your body

mind soul

here comes

the end which was always coming

so pray for the hills

to rise

valleys fall

Antioedipus and her gang ran

for the hills disappearing

gone the hills

genetic geeks of loss

what window sills of escape?

is that a jet overhead


you hear

is that a line of smoke escaping
your mouth
freeing your heart


the seminal years of WW1 and
a gathering in zurich

the collection of artists poets

scintillating the death around them
the war

'I had no love for the death heads

I silently went my way...'

what sound does a wolf make
tracking in the snow

the pack

dispersing up the high roads. roads sniffed, tracks unknown, languages unspoken language that is not political but a spiritual track of unknown
quantity _ is this the way to the frosty north and the desire shield,
getting out

the machine hovering down
like a helicopter
that chops off your head
heading down the space


what space i s garnered

the wolves circled

because the snow turned

to what?

some spooky sight of deaths and light, a rhyme repeating forever, no

language to flee _ a thesauras of exploding nouns

a mouth growling

endings that become

endings that're female becomings

but who deifies what law is this of bodies

of love,

of beauty

as your station crosses out the night

the mountain huggers down on the christian city

speaking its night

repeat repeat

bannking the road
the listing

hungers the wolves

tracking hurling
sniffing snapping


R yer legs sore


sore back of knees is 'i am screw'd
you fuck'd me ' there is no quote
italics baking the wrong of

fortune's body
her his fortune's body

to word


I am a dizzy spell


a basket of burning leaves