seeks the condi[c]tion of the animal __

best to all lines of flight and
schizo analogues.
as in a cabin going up space
or an escalater shooting its
teeth into space the grid holding its own
sown teeth the girl steadies herselves
in the circuit that is nowhere

a banking turn
she sallies along the spin
of whirling working day
O her mouth opens the pen
of his heart
a case to spare parts
offers the monetary suit

-- ---- ---

'Revolutionaries, artists, and seers are content to be objective, merely objective: they know that desire clasps life in its powerfully productive embrace, and reproduces it in a way that is all the more intense because it has few needs. And never mind those who believe that this is very easy to say, or that it is the sort of idea to be found in books.' --

Picabia's Daughter Born without a Mother _june 1915 _ seen first in 219_ an art magazine of that time .

Desiring - machines constitute the non-oedipal life of
the unconscious _ oedipus being the gadget or phantasy . By
way of Opposition, Picabia called the machine: "the daughter
born without a mother. Buster Keaton introduced his house
machine, with all its rooms rolled into one, as a house without a mother, and desiring machines determine everything that oges on inside, as in the bachelor's meal (the Scarecrow, 1920).

Are we to understand that the machine has but a father, and that it is born like Athena fully armed from a virile brain?'

Chaosophy 125 (English trans.)

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