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"Being a nomad, living in transition, does not mean that one cannot or is unwilling to create those necessarily stable and reassuring bases for identity that allow one to function in a community. Rather, nomadic consciousness consists in not taking any kind of identity as permanent. The nomad is only passing through; s/he makes those necessarily situated connections that can help her/him to survive, but s/he never takes on fully the limits of one national, fixed identity. The nomad has no passport or has too many of them."

SO SAiTh RoSY Braidotti in 1994 in a Booke

and Janine MacIntosh the Schizo from Scotland agrees

le plateau 00,120.00

dear ___all is borderline persona... its part of the between and the
line of flux, the gender dissolution... the orthography which decays also is
a joy. More another days

Deleuze and Guattari confronted this same question in A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia:
Linguistics can claim all it wants to be science, nothing but pure science-it wouldn't be the first time that the order of pure science was used to secure the requirements of another order. What is grammaticality, and the sign S, the categorical symbol that dominates statements? It is a power marker before it is a syntactical marker, and Chomsky's trees establish constant relations between power variables. Forming grammatically correct sentences is for the normal individual the prerequisite for any submission to social laws. No one is supposed to be ignorant of grammaticality; those who are belong in special institutions. The unity of language is fundamentally political. There is no mother tongue, only a power takeover by a dominant language that at times advances along a broad front, and at times swoops down on diverse centers simultaneously.

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we must hear those music of those Braque guitars.





(Janine Macintosh is a "real" character in the Fictions series:

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