all shining |plateau translate: 1998

it was all shining it was Adam.

no more anxiety...
in the plateaux.

Comment, comment; J'ai est un autre, et plusieurs!

It is, in other words most strange indeed that the master of deconstruction would choose to write an introduction to the new English edition of Antioedipus. It is, of course, 'well-known' that the book had originally been prefaced in English by Michel Foucault.

Is there a final reconciliation taking place here before all the final curtain calls take place, and the old lions,

if not in this earth, then at least between the lines will perhaps have greeted one another.

In their faces and not their texts.

We also heard, thru the various grape-vines which

carry this sort of gossip that Jacques Derrida is writing the introduction to Antioedipus in its new translation.

It is said that this new translation will de mystify certain non-Derridean notions like the B.W.O. Matter, Immanence, etc.

"I think this new translation has been the deconstuction of the territory of a sorrow in philosophy"

Imagine reading such drivel from the hand of an old Master
hitter like Derrida!! hussssshshhs Deleuze wins strike 27.

No matter how prolific you are you old Derrida
you dont have it, Bye Bye Derrida ___

So Mona reads.

Scandalous she says not meaning to scan as in metric tic-tac-toe and iambic pentameter efforts 150 years late! Nah, my dears, no effort to rule the roost of desire deconstructions.

I James Joyce have said these words.