read don't walk or walk right in

AntILogos_ A-- _ Literary Machine: wrote

‘People do not need an introduction: Why does anyone need an “introduction” to a book that speaks so well for itself. In fact, the  book does just fine, so I would say to anyone needing a so called intro Just Read the book. It’s simple go to page and one and move along.The book , will teach you how to read  it, and so you will your own senses.
                                                       ….. what’s so aggravatin’ is  the idea that anyone needs an introduction. Do you need an introduction to music you like or that someone tells you about? No, well it’s the same thing with good books.

Don’t be a rhizombie_ be a schizoid thinker! sTART in the middle  and go. Or start at the front and go, but go you gotta go you must.’

The same goes for most books, read them for yourself, enjoy them or not and then move on, and use them as they work for you.
I don’t wish to sound stern, but bayjayzus! there’s a bloody industry that’s just insanely devoted to introductions, prefaces, prologues and what not.         ….
The least stern of readers suggest Read for yourself~ With Joy  ~.