re sunbeams ass

                               You've posted about this before : Sunbeams up his a(r)s(e)s Yes, and it's because I am fascinated by
the energy it contains ~ so we'll come back to it again and again it's the refrain in it, the repetition,
of the energy                            that interests me ~ it comes, becomes a nother piece in a puzzle
that s repeating

over the ridges ~ of the silence and between ~ . ridges ~ of the silence and between ~ . ridges ~ f e silence and between ~ . and it's because we're still interested in the ideas  __ for instance , how does figuration, as in a character in a  poem, say Satan in Milton's Paradise Lost, figure as the absconded near to abandoned damned figure of immanence return in daily life? as the reminder of what's been blamed and blemished?

Satan as the figure of psychosis and the lines of immanence moving along their passage in  what you call the flat plane __ the lines move in parallel shootings over the plane. Lucifer/Satan's figure is hammered out    ~ and more and more between what's written and not written.

It is maybe the case, that immanence, at least it's my belief, that immanence as such is only coming into its own with the end of earth and the solar system and man as its center or really god as its center t hat immanence like the relativity of physics has only come to the fore , to the fore,
fore to the come
fores to coming
with the advent of 'man ' heading 'into' 'Outer space'; to boldly go 
where no other transcendence has gone!

Outer space, is immanence  

________________________ And so sunbeams ?

Well yes, its a like a jazz motif, eh, we start off there and go somewhere else.. in this line of improvisation the lines can take you anywhere... Right across space! this
time roun....

there's  a great line in A/O
write with Slogans
and that 's what


groovy good  ~ .