thinks tonight

For there is no doubting the fact that the schizo is
constantly subjected to interrogation  ('how are you? how are you? how are you? flicked over the shoulder.... how are you feeling today? how are you doing? How are you?) , constantly cross-examined. 

because his relationship with nature 

                           does not constitute a specific

pole, the questions put to him are formulated in terms of the existing
social code: your name, your father, your mother?

 In the course of his
exercises in desiring-production, Beckett's Molloy is cross-examined by
a policeman:

  "Your name is Molloy, said the sergeant. Yes, I said, now I
remember. And your mother? said the sergeant. I didn't follow. Is your
mother's name Molloy too? said the sergeant. I thought it over. Your
mother, said the sergeant, is your mother's— Let me think! I cried. At

least I imagine that's how it was. Take your time, said the sergeant. Was
mother's name Molloy? Very likely. Her name must be Molloy too, I

They took me away, to the guardroom I suppose,

 and there I was
told to sit down. 

I must have tried to explain."

(to explain to explain )
(and i dont explain because i hate common sense   ~ tristan tzara said that in 1918)

At times the schizophrenic loses his patience and demands to be
left alone. 

 (did you hear  that? left alone left alone ... and they blame you they deem you 'mad' alone a lone mad  left to her devices   ~madas aharpoona poltroona pontoon? a tune to pawn your rakes the 'back of the lawn' if that's possible /quarry for the fishing bait   ~ .)

 Other times he goes along with the whole game and even
invents a few tricks of his own, introducing his own reference points in
the model put before him and undermining it from within 

("Yes, that's
my mother, all right, but my mother's the Virgin Mary, you know"). One
can easily imagine Schreber answering Freud: "Yes, I quite agree,
naturally the talking birds are young girls, and the superior God is my
daddy and the inferior God my brother." 

But little by little he will
surreptitiously "reimpregnate" the series of young girls with all talking
birds, his father with the superior God, and his brother with the inferior
God, all of them divine forms that become complicated, or rather
"desimplified," as they break through the simplistic terms and functions
of the Oedipal triangle. 

As Artaud put it:

I don't believe in father
in mother,

got no papamummy
I dont got no mammy pappy 
got no papamummy


Citational dispersions  A/O [36-7] the antioedipus machinery    ~ touch and go to go   ~

the poor girltonight speaking thinks her 'mother's behind it all   ~. no doubt she does not think that but believes  ~ which aint the sameatall  ~ .