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Even those who are best at "leaving," 

                      those who make leaving
                                                   into something as natural as being born or dying, 

                                                      those who set out in search of
nonhuman sex—Lawrence, Miller—stake out a far-off territoriality that still
forms an anthropomorphic and phallic representation: the Orient, Mexico, or

A/O 315 etcetera  ~ to the burning book club ~ of your thighs

                                           Even the schizo's stroll or voyage does not effect great deterritori-alizations
without borrowing from territorial circuits: the tottering walk of Molloy and his
bicycle preserves the mother's room as

 the vestige of a goal; 

                        (Take Antioedipus for  example: One night making love with
 Moth his cockreadyhard for her cunt and holes of whole  anus,he say  to her 
                            (his cock's in her asnus) (her anushome) 
                 call me Oedipus, call me Oedipus, (heinheranus)
                    ( get in your ass ,, get in get in getting in beget in get it in)
         in her ass   in her ass he cries   Mama Mama Mummy! Mummy! I 'm in your                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
                      ass at last  riding in your ass   ~. I'm in her assatlast )

                                                                         the vacillating spirals of The Unnamable
 keep the
 familial tower 
as an uncertain center
 where it
continues to turn
 while treading its own underfoot; 

the infinite series of

juxtaposed and unlocalized parks in Watt still contains a reference to Mr. Knott's
house, the only one capable of "pushing the soul out-of-doors," but also of
summoning it back to its place. 

We are all little dogs, we need circuits, and we
                                                                   (woof! Woof!
Bark of burn an bright of bark!)                                                                             need to be taken for walks.

(cock  of the walk
her cock ofthewalk
her cock
its her  cock)

(the schizophrenic line against the circus the circle )

 Even those best able to disconnect, to unplug
themselves, enter into connections of desiring-machines that re-form little earths.

Even Gisela Pankow's great deterritorialized subjects 

are led to discover the
image of a family castle under the roots of the uprooted tree that crosses through
their body without organs ~.

The uprooted uprotted tree    ~

------------------------------------d. T  ~