this intimate


this intimate love you seek is yours wherever
 you  seek the 
                   go go 
                        go go and  glow  that dying

 (and the crystal of watches tenders the heat
         burning isolating the instant )

but the pain holding back knackers an hour but this wild
thing rustling at your tail preventing travel? is that it ? or the

privilege of Empire carriers  oh that imperial sigh as the workers
work of the universal police them that opportunities door knocks

on their doors giving the play-field to the mighty and will driven
intimating? the fear of failure not the rustic whine of truth or

tryst buried by soldiers and sin and no censer speaks this misgiven
shape to the soil the soldiers and dead who holds back this reunified god

speaking her tones of living and said by many alive then turned and
respringing from the ground the eternally unknown ground of love's gratitude.

So there a period pretending to stop full stop . stop stop stop Cops gloves hold-
up Halt white gloved hands HALT

imperial destiny made her you  a cop that you that's you what avenging
fury are you remembering your spiritual purpose not to get 'laid' get laid
get love's bucket storm seat giving on time the perpetual performance
of love's duty booty love's ditty Pity a pity Our Mother of perpetual Pity

not the cynics and the(ir) city .

but the horse rider cracking the whip.
the lion tamer  

who has been this she who's been she . does the empire serve itself
best through you training cops and cops. around the world 'whore' this
whore as you call her 'pepper spray' well, we don't say anything. bragging

about kicking no that was not bragging but it was rough talk. and what
about democracy and the right for everyone to travel. live in peace. harmony.
opportunity for all. you're not ceasing the machine by what the destiny of the 
Imperium living in your bones, and so the machine, or you, or it, or the body
without organs strikes back. it's not that he's alcoholic this or that, but that you
are too intense to be repeating yourself  . by saying it's his fault his fault his.
fault. Mona said it all yesterday. you have brought this miserable destiny on
your self. and the One-who-aches the Onealone is alone. through no fault of 
his Own . twas the empire' doing. 

Dont you know yer a servant of Capital and the State that's always 
existed. your search for compulsive loveleading to unco ver alcoholics & drug
addicts wherever you go and go where ever you however you go. and 
thinking you're doing good when  . it's not the simple gesture that changes
history? why are you not modeling your self after the Passionara. youve travelled
so much as an imperial representative of power. saying . these things
blithely . don't you know that perfume 's killing you. killing off your lovers,
instead of hauling them in . your guilt is the coin of capital's change machine.
the howdydowdy power of the pepper spraying one.  O . not that you do
any of this consciouslessly . but Unconsciously which makes it all the worse.
having been to that many countries does not mean a thing. it puts you out
with the mighty few privileged. so what ? are you better than the rest.
of them. the population because of it. your righteousness your
rightnessous  indignation's that of a fuzzz the cop who believes her cause is Right.
(Harry Bosch) (and Rachel the FBI babe and who was that Sherlock?)
 (Sherwood forest Robin Hood lived outside the lawsome of juridical)
  (and no its not that simple yet it is simple simple as adding machines)
   (and lives)
you can find no 'equal'  because there is none. all you can find are matches in
the haze of capitalisms.capital made you what you are: an enforcer so to 
separate to speak so to speak that separates you     ~ . AND Night and day
walk in your clime . others go cold while you and the others like you who've 
chosen and been chosen to deliver the goods of force the Empire requires.

let  these cigarettes be the bitterness of my love (r). you're not the hero-girl he
once knew . tucked behind the Screens. these are true loves.

but she would continue a dishalted barrier against free travellers back and immigrants.
 grant the  one in to out along the sideshirt of love's civil body

(And antioedipus sneaks past the border the atoms, the molecule of love's
body ringing the silent mutant the silent mutant bell)

no one heard that cry sigh to lover's beat or the sun along the boy cryed
for love's god haranguing its fate