Nicola Morton reads 'Anti-Oedipus' part 1_______________________________________________

                                                     A little machine to make you happy /unhappy 
deterritorialize your pieces
creating  a shamanistic space
for your own creatings 

Miss Lenz
Madame Lens


Performative Lecture with performance decoding of a bicycle within the late capitalist society machine, then recoding it.

1) desire flows through a body of organs, which are machines. society can be defined by a flow of desire through machines. the flow is interrupted between machines either conjunctively ie associatively penis-sperm, disjuntively ie schizzing and taking 

the flying bricks of signifying chains that build the great wall of china, working them loose and carrying them in every direction 

(this is what capitalism does to a certain degree & see my performative actions) or conjunctive with residual ie a subject like capital is produced alongside synthesis (this is capitalism creating capital). Lacan "repare - procure seperare-seperate reperare - engender." there is also a body without organs (without desire) ie. residual

2) the deterritotorialisation-reterritorialisation poles of capitalism - Capitalism tends toward a threshold of decoding that will destroy the socius in order to make it a body without organs and unleash the flows of desire on this body as a deterritorialized field ie. capitalism in former communist countries, Capitalism institutes or restores all sorts of residual and artificial, imaginary or symbolic territorialities, thereby attempting, as best it can, to recode, to rechannel persons who have been defined in terms of abstract quantitities. however it simultaneously tends towards limits as everything also returns or recurs: States, nations, families to reterritorialise.

: _______________3) The schizophrenic tendency is the revolutionary tendency of capitalism'"

 It is precisely this statement which needs to be qualified and read in context:


Capitalism and Schizophrenia is more fun than lying on a pyschoanalyst’s couch. This presentation explores the inspiring critical theory behind Nicola Morton’s performance from June 24 at JNM, “The Shamanic Death of Capitalism.”  Concepts discussed from Deleuze & Gauttari’s anti fascist manual Anti-Oedipus (1972) are – The Multiplicity of Flows in the Desiring Machines Circuit, Schizoanalysis and the Revolution and Schizophrenia as a New Aesthetic Model. Participants collaborate in hands-on activities to code, decode and recode whilst eating, shitting and vomitting some of the heaviest, most revolutionary thought from our time. Arm yourself with rhizomatic thinking and push capitalism to the limit!
Nicola Morton is currently a resident at Performance Klub for Asialink’s Residency Program. She is a cross-disciplinary artist and works internationally in new media, performance art and activism. She has previously conducted creative workshops on artificial intelligence (2009), time travel (2010) and large hadron colliders (2011), and writes critically on Monumentality and Wagner (2010), Postmodern Feminist Noise Music (2004) plus for the magazine, “Mind Objects: A Phenomenological Inquiry” (2009).

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