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the occasion for the drawing reproduced here also  happens to be a familial one: Gilles Deleuze, his wife  Fanny, and their children Julien, age ten, and emilie,  eight, meet around a table to inscribe a copy of AntiOedipus to Michel Foucault. Deleuze has written a few  words: “For Michel, admiration and affection, and for  shared causes, intolerably, where i will follow you.”  Fanny, who seems to be having fun, signs the page  “schizophrenically.” hard to tell whether Guattari was  there with them, or whether he added his illegible initials later—no matter how hard Deleuze tried to include  him, Guattari never quite fit into the story. the children  take a box of felt-tipped markers and draw pictures: an  exploding volcano sending terrified women and children  fleeing their homes in search of safety; a fisherman sitting tranquilly, having a drink, oblivious to the chaos just  beneath the surface, the danger overhead. in this inscription we see traces of a friendship.  or to be more precise: traces of fountain pens and felt  markers that attest to a friendship, which, sadly, was  nearing its end.

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