The subject spreads itself out along the entire circumference

of the circle, the center of which has been abandoned by the ego.

At the
center is the desiring-machine, the celibate machine of the Eternal

A residual subject of the machine,

Nietzsche-as-subject garners

out, a product that the reader had thought to be no more than the
fragmented oeuvre by Nietzsche.

"Nietzsche believes that he is now

pursuing, not the realization of a system, but the application of a
program ... in the form of residues of the Nietzschean discourse, which
have now become the repertory, so to speak, of his histrioni-cism."

is not a matter of identifying with various historical personages, but
rather identifying the names of history with zones of intensity on the
body without organs; and each time Nietzsche-as-subject exclaims:

'They're me\ So it's me\" No one has ever been as deeply involved in

history as the schizo, or dealt with it in this way. He consumes all of
universal history in one fell swoop.

We began by defining him as Homo
natura, and lo and behold, he has turned out to be Homo historia.


long road that leads from the one to the other stretches from Holderlin
to Nietzsche, and the pace becomes faster and faster.

"The euphoria
could not be prolonged in Nietzsche for as long a time as the
contemplative alienation of Holderlin. . . .

The vision of the world
granted to Nietzsche does not inaugurate a more or less regular
succession of landscapes or still lifes, extending over a period of forty
years or so; it is, rather, a parody of the process of recollection of an
event: a single actor will play the whole of it in pantomime in the course

of a single solemn day—because the whole of it reaches expression and
then disappears once again in the space of just one day—even though it

may appear to have taken place between December 31 and January

6—in a realm above and beyond the usual rational calendar."

A/O 26-7