We're goin to detotalize all the parts. And add them up dictionary of space, the parts break into thousands of pieces and at the same instant the Same moment into replicas of the first whole part, the part that whole to begin with as they say. Even though there is no be gin. Be gin. Be drunk Be sober. Don't be a spy w hat is a spy ? a paranoia causing machine . Mona fracture spies, zooming her lens on them to talk to themselves dead. Abraham was not a spy, she was a god, her son was Ishmael. He had a rose,he plucked it next to her angelic arse. We retourne and reroute the farm of the brain. So whole bit part, so whole incest rose. Rose incest partings. Around multitudes.

the story becomes the tale of its parts. philosophical shuffle and ruffle and the inloveness of the thing in itself itself