Rumour has it some idiots think the work I did with Felix and the work he did with me issome continuation of Lacan. Well, idiots. abound!

Who gives afuck??????????????????????????

test language Mister D ~ aa hush and whisper 'd be better?
clatter the ruin
tear the fort....

s it!it's me / So it's Lacan! that sort of shit" ___ O as if, Deluze and Guattari are Really Really just redoing Lacan __ idiots like this,
the word for them is Cops
Signifier police ___

whereas: and
Au contraire :

No one has ever been as deeply involved in

history as the schizo, or dealt with it in this way. He consumes all of
universal history in one fell swoop.

So stick that in
your castration

the History
of desire

For we know that a becoming that has been reduced ...to reductive reterritorializations is no longer Capitalism and Schizophrenia—it is Capitalism and Paranoia

Merci Monsieur Alliez ~