bad find

too bad .

too many double binds schizophrenize the instant. or the rich loam death. its here we rear our calvaries.
between butter lips. Butter buttocks for better town. Suffering is a made thing, not given. by its capitalist archer. O the Archer taking Aim! Boom yer stock is hep going down. See how its keeping stock. Language? Language as a thing of weath.
fisted palm oasis
blue lipped day reels its phantom heat. Was Mona the gem? Love as always a cowgirl riding riding.

------------------------- In this bijoux there are many semaines.
As for concepts and percepts they arrive at different times on the same wide wet beach.... So we breath ocean air
as amphibious beasts...

If youre breathing this the night is air. Is the Antihead's crotch? How the machine works cutting across framing and paging. its little deterritorialized subject fair to ground . In its mystery history.

there we dream figure not chance. elegance not romance