Terrrrible alphabet of memory
Nietzche says: it is a matter of creating a memory for man; and man, who was constituted by means of an active faculty of forgetting, by means of a repression of biological memory, must create an other memory, one that is collective, a memory of words and no longer a memory of things, a memory of signs and no longer of effects. This organization, which traces its signs directly on the body, constitutes a system of cruelty, a terrible alphabet....

he family is at the same time an anus that retains, a voice that resounds, and a mouth that consumes: its very own three syntheses, since it is a matter of connecting desire to the ready-made objects of social production. Go buy madelines in Combray if you really want to feel the vibration. _______________________

desire of a despot's desire
[T]he signifier is merely the deterritorialized sign itself. The sign made letter. Desire no longer dares to desire, having become a desire of desire, a desire of the despot's desire. The mouth no longer speaks, it drinks the letter. The eye no longer sees, it reads. The body no longer allows itself to be engraved like the earth, but postrates itself before the engravings of the despot, the region beyond the earth, the new full body.
-- G.Deleu

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