Perceval Percipient knight clogging along horse to shut shit in with avenail the ruth gathering geese to her apocalyptic plane. Was she immanence to her hair? as was in heavening so shall be earthed across the plane

poverty is economic so is love's dastard glove. not mustard to her chew year. was perpetual plane of symphony

As was in Perceval a knight stung inthe Eye. Ever in the Hair. A fragment booth. For paring her cock and carnivorous rave.

everything is economic Anti, everything even thanks giviing, love, travel, all. no reason feeling envious empty abandoned. its how it is . not personal just economic and between it all You and your traveling self.

as love was a boarding pass you could not get on
embark. left off ,, catched by the food bank ||

lunatics i've known.
luacttics you've grown blossomed held port to your shipping bay ~

as when a shelf fall over on its arse. death come like a campaign.