fear of writing with deleuze's friend derrida

Derrida speaks fear Writing

Added August 23, 2006
From jmettes
Outtake from the movie "Derrida" (2002)

Once and UpPon a time Jacky DeReader spoke to Mona, and she spoke to Franny
who said to Jill that man Dereader is here, hes coming to town to town to de
construct the defenestration of the strata settings of the war and word...
and language... O Jill thrilled her pumping molecule
staying at home....

she was pilloried on desire's little box machine.. Love to her. and Him.
I wont ha ve to wander alone anymore she was known to repeat
loving his words lovin them to _ the son of the Muse was
Jacky DeReader