bodies C.S.O.

6. November 28, 1947: How do you Make Yourself
a Body without Organs.....

now these two are on to the intensity plateaus... trekking along lines layed down by Misters Artaud & others....
wheras them Laplanche guy and others are like narrowing it
right, cutting
saying you
it seems to us
they wont let you

"walk on yer head sing with yer sinuses, see thru yer skin, speak with yer ass cheeks as she did tonight, running into the distance and halting ... breath with yer bElly... the Thing dig. Experiment. Nah, they want ya to settle into strata of vacate and state and big bad wolf, not wolves and wolverines, racooning it up the hightail of the wood....

B.w. organs diagrammed over here


them bodies without organs are always beIng diaGr ammed
gammed and damned not flooded un_cocked
gasket clock'd t'a its left
centreing down the eGg continuUm

Mona gets her head in a wrangle round the fourlegged Zuna that is Ganesh her back bucked to his Eggwithout a face, and the monstrous idea of settling into a monomaniac love.